Huawei H12-321 learning and exam experience sharing

Recently, I successfully passed the Huawei H12-321 exam. This is inseparable from the help of many people. Of course, this is naturally inseparable from your own efforts. After the exam, I made a detailed summary of my study and exam experience. Share it with everyone and hope to be helpful to everyone.

Focus on the Huawei H12-321 Examination outline:
Building a Foundation Enterprise WLAN (21%)
Building a Movable Enterprise WLAN (12%)
Building a Security Enterprise WLAN (29%)
Building a Reliable Enterprise WLAN (15%)
Building an Internet Enterprise WLAN (23%)
According to the Huawei H12-321 Examination outline, we can basically determine the test focus of the Huawei H12-321. This has important guiding significance for our study. For this reason, the Huawei H12-321 Examination plan is an important reference for the scientific and rational Huawei H12-321 learning plan.

Correct use of ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test

ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test as the most powerful guarantee for the Huawei H12-321 exam, its role is naturally very comprehensive. We all know that ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test is divided into huawei H12-321 PDF and huawei H12-321 Practice test.

More communication, not only for your own study and exams; communication skills, this soft skill will greatly help you in your future career. The most basic point of multi-communication is that you can solve the problems you have encountered with the help of others. In addition, you can also help others solve problems through communication. In this process of mutual help, we can discover our own problems and strengthen our mastery of relevant knowledge points. It can play a comprehensive test for your own learning. What needs to be paid more attention here is that when others help them solve problems, they need to know more about and master the ideas of others. This will not only solve your own problems, but also improve your ability to solve problems.

The following are some of the H12-321 sample questions:

In smart roaming, an AP specifying the target AP for 802.11v-capable STAs. In this way, STAs actively roam to the target AP, and the original AP does not need to kick the STAs offline.
Answer: A

The following is the URL template configuration for the connection between the AC6005 and Portal server.
Which statement is FALSE about the URL template configuration?
Url-template name huawei
Url-parameter ssid ssid
A. The port number 8080 can be changed to 8443.
B. The word “portaI” can be changed to “webauth”.
C. The url-para meter ssid ssid command sets the SSID to ssid.
D. The url-para meter ssid ssid command indicates that the SSID can be any SSID.
Answer: C

On a WLAN that uses the AC6005 as the RADIUS client, which of the following statements is TRUE about the authentication-free rule profile?
A. The authentication-free rule profile is used to permit the IP addresses of anti-virus devices such as the anti-virus gateway and firewall.
B. The authentication-free rule profile is used to permit the IP addresses of the DNS, DHCP, and authentication servers.
C. The authentication-free rule profile can use advanced ACLs.
D. The authentication-free rule profile can permit specified IP addresses only by using ACLs.
Answer: B

Which statement about linear networking of a Mesh network is FALSE?
A. The neighbor can be manually specified.
B. The neighbor cannot be manually specified.
C. 802.11s packets converted from 802.3 packets can be transmitted over the links between MPs and then transmitted over wireless links.
D. Single-point failures may occur.
Answer: B

To shorten the STA roaming time, the APs perform 4-way handshake using WPA and WPA2 to negotiate keys. In this way, negotiation packets are not forwarded to the AC, reducing the time required.
Answer: A

These H12-321 sample questions are worth your time and effort to study. Because these H12-321 sample questions are the latest test questions related to the H12-321 exam. If you want to know more about the H12-321  exam, you can click ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test to learn more.

How can I learn Huawei H12-321 efficiently?

How can I learn Huawei H12-321 efficiently? This is one of the things that many newcomers are struggling with. The efficient learning of Huawei H12-321 not only affects our knowledge of the relevant knowledge and skills, but also greatly affects the passing rate of our Huawei H12-321 exam. Therefore, we need to pay enough attention to this issue. To achieve efficient learn Huawei H12-321, we need to focus on the following points:

Scientific and rational Huawei H12-321 learning plan

Some people may say that it is very difficult to develop a scientific and reasonable Huawei H12-321 learning plan at the beginning of learn H12-321. In fact, it is very simple to solve this problem: you only need to use the corresponding learning materials. With this Huawei H12-321 learning plan, our future learning direction will be more clear and the learning efficiency will be higher.

Efficient Huawei H12-321 study method

There are many ways to learn Huawei H12-321. Here are the methods that I have actually used and proven to be effective. You can refer to it.
1. According to the above Huawei H12-321 learning plan, we can arrange our study time and energy reasonably. For the importance of different knowledge points, we need to allocate our learning time and energy differently, and try to avoid the waste of our study time and energy.

2. make full use of ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test
ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test consists of two parts: huawei H12-321 PDF and huawei H12-321 Practice test.

3. Combine your own specific situation and choose the Huawei H12-321 book and Huawei H12-321 training. It should be noted here that regarding the Huawei H12-321 book, what others think is good is not necessarily the best for you. Each Huawei H12-321 book has different levels of difficulty and schedule, which requires us to combine our own foundation and learning ability. Only by choosing the Huawei H12-321 book that suits you best, we can maximize learning efficiency.

4. Active in H13-523 Related Forums

Through the H13-523 related forums, we not only get the help we want, but also a lot of information about the learn H13-523 and H13-523 exam information on these platforms. This will be of great help to our study and exams. So it is worth our time and energy to pay attention.

What we need to pay attention to here is that in the process of helping others solve problems, we need to focus on the ideas of others to solve problems. Broadening your mindset is far more important than solving a problem.

Share some Huawei H12-321 sample questions:

Which of the following statements about APs and STAs are TRUE during an active/standby switchover in dual-link HSB mode? (Multiple Choice)
A. APs do not need to go online again.
B. APs need to go online again.
C. STAs do not need to go online again.
D. STAs need to go online again.
Answer: AC

Which of the following statements about the dual-link cold backup networking are TRUE? (Multiple Choice)
A. An AP sets up a CAPWAP tunnel only with the active AC.
B. An AP sets up CAPWAP tunnels with both the active and standby ACs.
C. An AP periodically exchanges CAPWAP packets with both the active and standby ACs to detect link status.
D. An AP periodically exchanges CAPWAP packets only with the active AC to detect link status.
Answer: BC

Which are the methods to prevent loops on a Mesh network? (Multiple Choice)
C. Repeated frame sequence number check
Answer: BC

Which role does the Agile Controller serve in wireless access authentication?
A. AD server
B. LDAP server
C. RADIUS server
D. DNS server
Answer: C

The zone surrounding the line of sight (LOS) is called the Fresnel zone, which is also called the RF LOS.
Answer: A

Please pay attention to these Huawei H12-321 sample questions, as these questions will appear in the recent Huawei H12-321 exam. If you want to learn more about the test of Huawei H12-321 exam, you can follow ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test.

What is the prospect of H13-811丨HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811)?

With the rise of cloud computing worldwide. Huawei HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811) Certification has also received more and more attention. Why do companies in the future have to choose cloud computing services? Because cloud computing provides developers with a cheap and good infrastructure, it can significantly reduce the construction cost of IT systems and promote the development of IT. Simply put, it can greatly reduce the cost of building IT systems, and it can make enterprises more flexible and stable in using IT systems. In addition, for the moment, cloud computing has not yet matured and there is still huge potential for development. The development potential of cloud computing directly determines the prospects and gold content of Huawei’s HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811).

Today, many large enterprises have accepted and used cloud computing services. Moreover, with the advantages of cloud computing, the IT systems of these enterprises have been greatly improved. More and more large enterprises have chosen to migrate their business to the cloud computing platform to reduce operating costs. For these companies, cloud computing is not an option, but an inevitable option for enterprise development. As far as the current talent market is concerned, the people who obtained the huawei HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811) Certification have seen a significant improvement in both the choice of positions and the specific salary.

Want to get H13-811 (HCNA-Cloud Service) Certification, what knowledge and skills do you need to get a good job?
Know Cloud computing concepts and background
Know Cloud computing deployment model and business model
Know Virtualization technologies
Know Computing virtualization
Know Storage virtualization
Know Network virtualization
knowHow to create a virtual machine
This is the most basic knowledge of cloud computing by HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811). In fact, we can basically understand and master this before the learn HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811). Less difficult.

Understand the highlights of Huawei FusionSphere Solution
Understand the highlights of Huawei FusionCube Solution
Understand the highlights of Huawei FusionAccess Solution
This part is what we must know about the advantages of HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811) in various solutions. This is a part that needs to be focused on learning, and it is a part that requires us to think deeply. Don’t just learn and master the knowledge of HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811) in these areas. We need to find and find better solutions with our personal thinking. As a technical talent in the direction of HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811), we need to be creative.

Understand the cloud computing hardware overview
Understand the basic knowledge about Huawei servers
Understand the basic knowledge about Huawei storage devices
Understand the basic knowledge about Huawei switches
Understand the basic knowledge about Huawei TCs
Understand the typical hardware deployment modes of cloud computing
After we have mastered the basics of the first part, it is very easy to learn this part of the HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811). Similarly, this part of the knowledge is also a relatively basic knowledge for huawei HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811). The knowledge related to Huawei certification is very focused on the consistency and hierarchy of knowledge. Therefore, in order to carry out the next stage of learning, we must firmly grasp the knowledge of this stage.

Understand the position of FusionCompute in the FusionSphere solution
Be familiar with the organizational architecture of FusionCompute
Be familiar with main features of FusionCompute
Learn FusionManager application scenarios
Learn FusionManager design concepts
Be familiar with FusionManager logical architecture and core components
Be familiar with FusionManager core functions
Understand FusionAccess architecture and component functions
Understand Basic FusionAccess service processes
Understand Basic FusionAccess featres
Know the deployment process of Huawei FusionCloud Solutions
This part of the knowledge is a more concrete module. We need to be targeted to learn. After a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge related to FusionManager, it can basically be said that our study of huawei HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811) is almost at the end.

Know the solution planning and design
Be familiar with hardware configuration
Be familiar with software deployment
Be familiar with service data configuration
This is the last part of our learn huawei HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811), which is an improvement and improvement of all knowledge.

After learning this knowledge, how can you test your mastery?

The purpose of practicing the test questions is to test the theoretical mastery of the relevant knowledge points, which is inseparable from the learn huawei HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811). It is able to apply the theoretical knowledge learned to the real world and truly have the ability to solve problems. This is the only standard that proves that you really have mastered the knowledge of HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811).

The ultimate goal of our study of HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811) is to use it. If you only stay at the level of theoretical knowledge, you completely lose the meaning of learn HCNA-Cloud Service (H13-811). In general, you only need to do the above, you can basically prepare your own H13-811 Certification exam. In other words, after you have mastered the above knowledge, you can basically pass the H13-811 Certification exam.

ITtestshare H13-811 (HCNA-Cloud Service) free online test is one of the most used, authoritative, authentic, reliable and highly acclaimed.

Common exam questions of H13-611-ENU Huawei HCNA-Storage

At the moment, huawei certification is getting more and more fire. Among them, Huawei HCNA-Storage (H13-611-ENU) has become the choice of many people. So what are the common Huawei HCNA-Storage (H13-611-ENU) exam questions before learning? This is what we all should know.

Huawei HCNA-Storage (H13-611-ENU) Certification Overview

HCNA-Storage is an IT convergence certification. This certification is aimed at a comprehensive storage technology of modern information management requirements and is an entry-level certification for any IT engineer or technical student interested in storage technology.

With HCNA-Storage certification, you demonstrate the deep understanding of the storage system and storage network technologies, master the general technologies and applications of storage systems, and assist in the design and deployment and management SAN and NAS storage networks and Huawei storage device implementation and Assist with design capabilities.

With engineers who are HCNA-Storage certified, enterprises are able to build SAN and NAS storage networks, and it also has the ability to operate and manage Huawei SAN and NAS storage systems and networks.

HCNA-Storage introduces how storage supports the development and application of new IT frontier technologies (such as AI, big data, cloud computing). It further elaborates the key roles of storage in the entire IT development. A more general and systematic explanation of the Storage knowledge will be made to simplify some of the repetitive, outdated, or actually less-used technologies and solutions, so that the overall storage knowledge is more forward-looking and practical. The content of this course includes but is not limited to the following Parts: Storage cutting-edge technology and trends, storage application technologies in AI, big data and cloud computing, storage ecosystem introduction, business continuity solution, storage system routine maintenance and troubleshooting in data center, etc.

H13-611-ENU Huawei HCNA-Storage Examination fee

H13-611 exam Duration: 90 minutes, total score of 1000 points, if you get a score of 600 or higher, it means you will pass the exam. The H13-611 Examination fee is $200.

Huawei HCNA-Storage (H13-611-ENU) related knowledge points and test content

Knowledge points:
1) Latest Storage Technologies and Trends.
2) Introduction to Storage Ecosystems.
3) Storage Technologies for AI, Big Data and Cloud.
4) Business Continuity Solutions and Its Applications.
5) Operation and Management of Storage System in Datacenters.

Exam Content:
The HCNS-Storage exam covers storage basical technologies. It includes but is not limited to the following parts: latest storage technologies and trends, storage technologies for AI, big data and cloud, introduction to storage ecosystems, business continuity solutions and tts applications, operation And management of storage system in datacenters.

About H13-611 sample questions:

Huawei V3 series storage system hardware includes controller enclosures and disk enclosures.
Which of the following statements about controller enclosures is correct?
A. When the external power supply fails, BBU modules provide backup power for all disks.
B. When the external power supply fails, BBUs can supply power to enable data synchronization from the cache to disks in disk enclosures.
C. If BBUs become faulty, the service system will be interrupted.
D. When the power input is normal, BBUs are in the standby state.
Answer: B

Which of the following statements about LAN-based backup is incorrect?
A. Instruction flows are transmitted over the LAN whereas data flows are not.
B. The backup agent affects the performance of application servers.
C. Backup data is based on LANs, affecting network performance.
D. Backup jobs must be separately maintained, complicating management and maintenance.
Answer: A

What is the main purpose of backup battery units (BBU) in storage controllers?
A. To maintain the power for clock synchronization.
B. To power the interface modules.
C. To provide additional power to storage controller to speed up the I/O.
D. To ensure that the non completed I/O is not lost during power outage.
Answer: D

In HUAWEI OceanStor V3, what statement is true about SmartThin LUNs?
A. Space will be reclaimed in all Windows operating systems when data is deleted in the OS.
B. A Thin LUN cannot be converted into a Thick LUN.
C. SmartThin must be enabled on all LUNs of a storage pool.
D. SmartThin LUNs consume just a little storage capacity at the time they are created.
Answer: D

Statement 1: If possible it is always advised to make only Full Backups
Statement 2: LAN free backups typically run slower than LAN based backups.
A. Statements 1 and 2 are both true.
B. Statement 1 is true and statement 2 is false.
C. Statement 1 is false and statement 2 is true.
D. Both statements 1 and 2 are false.
Answer: B

These questions are the test questions that appear in the latest H13-611 (Huawei HCNA-Storage) exam. The same is also included in the latest ITtestshare H13-611 free online test. This is why more and more candidates regard it as the most powerful guarantee for passing the exam.

How to learn H12-224-ENU efficiently?

Regarding the study of H12-224-ENU, although the difficulty may not be very large, many candidates indicated that their quality of learning is not very high, even if they are well prepared before learning. So how can we ensure that we can learn H12-224-ENU efficiently?

1. The first step in learning H12-224-ENU should be known to every candidate: develop a H12-224-ENU study plan. Many candidates have done their work with it, and they have also combined the H12-224-ENU study guide and ITtestshare H12-224-ENU free online test. However, after a period of study, some candidates found that their learning efficiency did not seem as good as they thought. Is it not reasonable to make this study plan?

Regarding the H12-224-ENU study plan, on the one hand, we can reasonably arrange our study time and energy, on the other hand, we will give us the correct guidance in the direction of learning. However, these advantages of the H12-224-ENU Learning Program are not well represented in the details. In other words, we arrange our learning schedule according to the H12-224-ENU study plan, and we can only guarantee our learning quality and learning direction at a higher level. But in the details, we still need to make timely adjustments. Take the H12-224-ENU study plan as the main reference and give full play to your subjective initiative so as to ensure the quality of our learning to the greatest extent.

2. Targeted selection of H12-224-ENU learning materials suitable for you
First of all, Huawei officially has a lot of recommended H12-224-ENU learning materials. Secondly, there are more learning materials about H12-224-ENU on the market. At its most basic, this H12-224-ENU learning material contains a comprehensive set of knowledge points. On a comprehensive basis, the importance of knowledge points must also be clearly divided. Such H12-224-ENU learning materials can be considered a good learning material.

Second, we have a comprehensive assessment of our foundation and learning ability. Combine your own specific situation to pick out the most suitable aspects of each other. In this way, we can maximize the role of H12-224-ENU learning materials to ensure our ultimate learning outcomes.

3. Practice
After learning a lot of H12-224-ENU theoretical knowledge, we need to use practical operations to verify this knowledge, and learn to apply this knowledge to the actual problem to solve the actual problem. You will find that you have a deeper understanding of the H12-224-ENU related expertise. The accumulation of these experiences is invaluable to your future exams and careers.

In the process of practice, if you have your own unique ideas, don’t give up your thoughts because of the denial of the authorities. Be bold to verify it, even if it proves your mistake. Don’t kill your own sense of innovation in the initial stages.

4, read blogs, write blogs
Nowadays, more and more industry celebrities regard their blog as a platform for recording and sharing. They will share their experiences and experiences on the H12-224-ENU on the blog. They will share the methods of learning H12-224-ENU and some learning misunderstandings that need to be noted. These will be a good catalyst for our learning and will make us less detours.

At the same time, we can try to start recording our own learning process. Whenever you learn a new stage, you can look back and see that you have problems in the last stage of your study. This will optimize our future learning and improve the quality of our learning at a deeper level.

5, focus
This is the most basic and important point for us to learn H12-224-ENU. After this foundation, do the above, your learning results will exceed most people. And with reasonable use of ITtestshare H12-224-ENU free online test, your chances of passing the H12-224-ENU exam are 100%.

Learning H12-224-ENU can be a tough process. But in this process, every time we make a little progress, we will bring us a great sense of accomplishment. Choose to learn H12-224-ENU and learn it carefully. Because we can’t live without it in our future career.

How to pass H13-611 exam?

With the rapid development of information technology, data and information have achieved explosive growth through various forms. How to realize the effective, reliable and convenient storage, management and application of data and information has become a problem that is closely concerned and urgently needed to be solved in the ICT field. As a result, the capabilities of the associated storage network engineers will become more and more important, and the treatment of these storage network engineers will naturally rise. As more and more people are gradually aware of this, more and more students are enrolling in the H13-611 exam! Naturally, how to pass the H13-611 certification exam? Where can I download the test dump for H13-611? It has become an urgent desire for everyone! Let us explain each one below.

1. Overview of HCNA-Storage Certification:

1) HCNA-Storage is the inspection and certification of the basic knowledge and skills of the storage system. The HCNA-Storage certification exam will prove that you have the ability to build SAN storage network and system and its operation and maintenance management using Huawei storage devices.

2) Huawei HCNA-Storage certification emphasizes storage system architecture, RAID technology, SCSI, iSCSI, FC protocols and their applications, IP-SAN and FC-SAN architecture, networking, connectivity, deployment, and maintenance and management of SAN storage systems. To help enterprise IT engineers to establish the planning, implementation, and operation and maintenance capabilities required for efficient and fast data storage and management solutions.

3) HCNA-Storage is the storage network architecture design, network deployment implementation and operation and maintenance capabilities of the inspection and evaluation, is an important guarantee for reliable data storage and efficient management. Engineers with HCNA-Storage certificates will be able to take up the position of IT system engineer, have the ability to build FC SAN or IP SAN storage networks, and have the operation and maintenance management capabilities of SAN storage systems and networks.

4) HCNA-Storage certification involves:

Network storage basics, RAID technology and common RAID level applications, FC-SAN and IP-SAN architecture and applications, SCSI, FC, iSCSI protocol basics, NAS architecture and sharing technology, OceanStor V3 series product networking, configuration and fault maintenance , Huawei’s full range of storage product basics, backup disaster recovery technology, big data storage foundation, cloud computing foundation.

2. How can I pass H13-611 exam?

1) In the training process, learn more (integrate the book knowledge with the teacher’s explanation), read more (video tutorial), ask more questions (do not understand the knowledge points), communicate more (share what you know, learn what others know).

2) When reviewing, we must grasp the key points and comprehensively improve the efficiency of review.

3) During the examination, you must keep your mind clear, and do not affect your performance because of the nervous atmosphere.

4) The inspection process after answering the questions is very important. Because when I first started answering questions, I might not have actually entered the state of the exam. After I finished answering the questions, I would look back and I would save a lot of points that I didn’t have to lose. If some questions are not fully grasped during the examination to select the correct answer, it is recommended not to make changes, and to allocate time.

3. Where can I download the exam dump?

The exam dump can be downloaded in many places. I recommend the best one in the industry to everyone: ITtestshare H13-611 free online test.

1) ITtestshare H13-611 free online test is very comprehensive and the details are very complete.

2) ITtestshare H13-611 free online test is jointly published by many well-known experts in the IT field and is authoritative.

3) ITtestshare H13-611 free online test always keep the fastest and most timely updates, we do not have to worry about getting inaccurate resources.

4) At the moment, the number of candidates using ITtestshare H13-611 free online test is very high, and the overall pass rate is extremely high.

5) ITtestshare H13-611 free online test has a very good reputation in the industry, high recognition and trustworthiness.

Finally, I hope that everyone can pass Huawei’s HCNA-Storage certification exam with high scores with the help of ITtestshare H13-611 free online test, and it can go further and further on the road of IT.

What are the common questions of Huawei H31-321?

Nowadays, as Huawei equipment is procured in large quantities around the world, its corresponding Huawei certification has also been recognized by more and more individuals and companies. Huawei H31-321 certification is one of them. If you are also interested in this certification, here are some of the Huawei H31-321 certification questions and answers, you can find out first.

What are the basic information of Huawei H31-321 exam?

Huawei H31-321 exam The test name is: HCNP-MSTP Transmission, which is a 90-minute test. The test score is 1000 points. If you score 600 points or above, you will pass the Huawei H31-321 smoothly. Exam. Huawei H31-321 Exam content: HCNP-MSTP Transmission exam covers OptiX SDH equipment commissioning, board replacement of OptiX SDH equipment, discrete service analysis and handling, complex networking of OptiX SDH equipment, tests for common Ethernet service indicators, clock protection of OptiX OSN Equipment, SDH equipment interconnection, ECC maintenance, pointer justification, routine maintenance of OptiX SDH equipment, troubleshooting OptiX SDH equipment, ASON overview.

What is the Huawei H31-321 certification exam fee?

The Huawei H31-321 certification exam fee is $200, which is at least a small expense for me.
If I don’t want to increase my exam costs, the only way is to ensure that the exam passes smoothly.
Otherwise, in addition to paying more money, I will have to spend a lot of time and effort to continue the learn Huawei H31-321. I believe this is something that no one wants to face.

What are the benefits of obtaining the Huawei H31-321 certification?

HCNP-Transmission certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage transport networks. With HCNP-Transmission certification, you demonstrate the ability to perform indicator testing and system commissioning on transport equipment, describe complex networking, and judge and resolve common faults. With engineers who are HCNP-Transmission certified, carriers or enterprises are able to complete the commissioning, maintenance, and optimization of SDH and WDM networks. With the Huawei H31-321 certification, you will have more opportunities to enter the top companies. With the Huawei H31-321 certification, you will get more job options and job promotion opportunities.

Huawei H31-321 test questions and answers as below:

If equipment power is configured with 1+1 protection, you can replace the PIU board without cutting off the supply from the DC power distribution unit.
Answer: B

Which of the following bytes cannot be processed in pass-through mode on an ADM site using OptiX NG-SDH equipment?
A. K1
B. K2
C. A1
D. A2
Answer: CD

You can change the VC~12 numbering policy by configuring related parameters on the U2000.
Answer: B

These Huawei H31-321 test questions and answers are all included in the latest ITtestshare Huawei H31-321 free online test questions. More importantly, these Huawei H31-321 test questions are all real-world questions in the current Huawei H31-321 exam. Before the learn Huawei H31-321, proper understanding of some Huawei H31-321 certification questions and answers will be a good guide for your future study.

As a qualified Huawei certified HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) engineer, what technologies and qualities do you need?

As everyone knows, Huawei certified HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) engineers are very well-paid. Naturally, in order to obtain this generous treatment, the comprehensive requirements for individuals must be very high. So what kind of technology and quality do you need to become a qualified Huawei-certified HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) engineer?

Technical level:

Internet: The network is a must for many HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) related projects.
Moreover, if you can understand Huawei’s related products, then you can easily master other products such as Cisco, AVAYA, NORTEL and so on.

Storage: As an engineer related to HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU), NAS and SAN should be familiar. It is recommended that you have a general understanding of some of the mainstream products in the world.

Server: You can get some knowledge about Huawei servers. Don’t rely on Huawei’s HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification to limit your vision to Huawei’s certification.
Because for now, Huawei servers are definitely representatives of the industry. We can completely learn Huawei knowledge of servers and Huawei’s comparison. In this way, our knowledge of the server will be more profound.
The advantages of Huawei server: The product is very comprehensive, the high, medium and low points are very clear, and the TPCC values ??of each server are given in great detail, which is very conducive to our study and comparison.

Safety: From a higher level, there are more knowledge points related to security, such as firewall, vulnerability scanning, anti-virus, VPN, IDS, CA authentication, etc. It is recommended that everyone learn about HCPA-IP and have a relevant understanding of mainstream technologies on the market.

With these simple introductions, everyone should have this feeling:

As a qualified Huawei certified HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) engineer. At the technical level, much of the knowledge that needs to be learned is actually not limited to Huawei certification. In fact, whether it is HCPA-IP Certification or other Huawei certification, many of the knowledge points involved in these certifications and other brand certifications (such as Cisco certification) will have many commonalities.

After mastering the knowledge and skills related to HCPA-IP, it is easy to grasp Cisco knowledge and skills in related certifications. Some people may ask: Since we have mastered the knowledge and skills related to Huawei’s HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification, it is enough for us to cope with the work. Why should we take the time to learn other certifications?

There are two main reasons for this:

First, after mastering the knowledge and skills related to Huawei’s HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification, it is more conducive to deepen our understanding of the relevant skills already acquired.
Second, we can learn other related certification design patterns, and the problems that may be difficult to solve with the knowledge related to HCPA-IP are easier to solve with Cisco’s related knowledge. There is actually a complementarity between many certifications.
This requires us to look at the HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification more comprehensively. Be sure to put your eyes on the long-term.

Quality level

Don’t show off your knowledge or skills related to HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification. This is a very common bad habit of many HCPA-IP related technicians. Maybe it can’t be said to be a bad habit, but it is definitely not a good habit. In order to allow customers to trust themselves as quickly as possible, many HCPA-IP technicians often instill too much knowledge and skills in HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU). In fact, in many cases, the final outcome of this and the expected results can be achieved in the opposite direction.

There is a simple case:

Once I gave the customer a HCPA-IP related product demonstration, our entire process was perfect. And the demo ended about half an hour ahead of schedule. I didn’t know what to do for a while. Several of our team’s technicians felt that the customer was very interested in the technology related to HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU), so I said one more thing: In fact, about solving this problem, We have other solutions. This time, the customer immediately came to interest. As a result, there were a lot of minor problems in the details when presenting this solution. Finally, everyone is very unhappy. This is a very bad memory. Everyone must learn the lesson.

Don’t over-consider the technical aspects of personal opinions with customers on the HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) business, even if you are right. We must know that the professional level of our customers in the HCPA-IP business is high or low. Therefore, when you are not clear about the customer’s specific level, try not to argue with customers about HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU), even if you are correct. In the real work, you will find that many things that are actually unreasonable really exist. What exists is reasonable.
Too many to entangle these problems, in many cases, the final result will only hurt yourself.

Learn to better refine the highlights of your products and properly demonstrate your advantages in HCPA-IP related technologies. This is the basic soft skills that every HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) practitioner needs to master. Communication with customers is as simple as possible and is crucial. HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) involves a lot of knowledge points, most of the customers are not necessarily well-informed, so when we express them to them, if we can be organized, customers and us and our products Confidence will be strengthened. One thing to note here is: If your expression can’t be done, try not to explain it too easily. Because if you can’t get the most out of it, you can simply explain it to your customers. Many customers may think that your technology or product is too simple and has no technical content. At this time, the customer has an additional bargaining chip. It is very unfavorable for subsequent communication.

Don’t just focus on promotion, not on the basics of HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU).

This is a common problem for many HCPA-IP technicians: Can’t position your character. Every HCPA-IP technician has a different degree of dependence on ITtestshare free online test questions on the original H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) Certification exam. Therefore, there is a certain gap between the basic knowledge and skills of each person who has obtained the H19-301-ENU Certification.
Based on the above, it is not easy to become a qualified Huawei-certified HCPA-IP engineer. Both technical and personal qualities have high requirements. If you want to be a qualified Huawei Certified HCPA-IP engineer, work hard in these directions.

HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) exam is not difficult, just do these three points

Huawei Certified is very important to many IT companies around the world. Many companies require recruiters to have Huawei-related certifications. At the moment, HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) Certified is becoming the choice of more and more people. HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) Certified exam become a concern of many people.

First of all, since we have chosen learn HCNA-HNTD, we must first have a comprehensive understanding of HCNA-HNTD Certified:
HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) course:
The HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) course includes but is not limited to the following:
Network fundamentals
Troubleshooting of common network faults
Basic network construction
Installation and commissioning of Huawei routing and switching devices
Basic connection methods of popular networks
If you have successfully obtained HCNA-HNTD Certified, you represent a basic understanding of small and medium-sized networks, including general network technologies, and the ability to assist the design of small and medium-sized networks, and implement the designs using Huawei routing and switching devices.
Therefore, HCNA-HNTD Certified is still very important for those who want to work in the IT industry.

So, how can I learn HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) and pass the exam smoothly?
This position introduces you to the three most important points in the process of learn HCNA-HNTD (H12-211):

HCNA-HNTD(H12-211) study guide

This is the most often overlooked, but it is the most basic and important. As long as you study the HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) study guide with your heart, it is not difficult to find the focus of the exam. The focus of the exam has been determined, and our learning focus has been determined to a large extent. The two are inseparable. Knowing the key points of learning, and then planning our learning direction, it will be very simple. If we only use the HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) study guide to clearly define our learning focus and direction, we can also use ITtestshare h12-211 free online test.

ITtestshare h12-211 free online test

ITtestshare h12-211 free online test are considered by many to be the final preparation resources for Huawei’s HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) Certified exam. Because ITtestshare h12-211 free online test are carefully written by many well-known experts, the questions and answers involved in the real exam, and always maintain the most timely update. Moreover, every update of h12-211 dumps will be finalized by a number of experts, and strive to be the most realistic and reliable. ITtestshare h12-211 free online test, which can fully meet the different needs of each candidate. ITtestshare h12-211 free online test will greatly alleviate the tension of candidates taking the test. ITtestshare h12-211 free online test contains all the questions involved in the real exam. We take the test under the premise of understanding the questions, and naturally there is no tension about the unknown.

ITtestshare h12-211 free online test only allows us to pass the HCNA-HNTD (H12-211) Certified exam, and does not ensure that we have the knowledge and skills related to HCNA-HNTD. There is a truth that everyone needs to understand.

Finally, I want to say that HCNA-HNTD Certified is only the most basic certification of Huawei certification, but we are entering the entry-level knowledge of the IT industry. Don’t assume that you have acquired HCNA-HNTD Certified to relax. There are CCNP and HCIE waiting for you later.

How to learn HCPA-IP and pass H19-301-ENU exam?

HCPA-IP Network certification is targeted at the sale of Huawei enterprise network IP datacom products. It is one of the most important certifications in the Huawei certification system. Nowadays, more and more people choose to go to learn HCPA-IP. How to learn HCPA-IP? How to pass the H19-301-ENU exam? Immediately, many candidates have paid close attention to the issue. There are still many people who will ask: Where to download the latest H19-301-ENU free online test?

A few days ago, I took the H19-301-ENU exam and successfully got my HCPA-IP Certification. Fortunately, all efforts have not been in vain. Now, I will share my experience in learning and exams. You can refer to them. Maybe it will be How to learn HCPA-IP? How to pass the H19-301-ENU exam?

About H19-301-ENU(HCPA-IP)Certification exam

HCPA-IP Network (Datacom)-ENU, Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-IP Network (Datacom)-ENU. The test code is: H19-301. With HCPA-IP Network (Datacom) certification, you demonstrate a good understanding of Huawei IP datacom products and the personalized needs of customers, what’s more, you also demonstrate the IP datacom product designing capability. With engineers who are HCPA-IP (Datacom) Network certified,enterprises are able to sale, guide the Huawei enterprise network IP datacom products, can carry on the typical solution creation, and can satisfy customer’s general business requirements for these products.

What is the H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) exam fee?

The H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) exam fee is $100. Compared to other certification exams, the H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) exam fee is not high. Of course, if you can’t pass the H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) Certification exam once, then not only will the cost of the exam exceed $100, but you will have to spend some time and energy to supplement it and take the exam. If it is not the second time, it would be too bad. Of course, perhaps this is rarely the case now. Because many people use ITtestshare H19-301 free online test during the exam.

What are the HCPA-IP (H19-301) learning materials?

First of all, the HCPA-IP (H19-301) certification course given by the Huawei certification official includes but is not limited to the following:
Huawei campus switch, data center switch enterprise routers, WLAN products, network management product features and highlights, the basic business functions, the park network structure and Huawei basic configuration and deployment of IP products, the typical application scenarios and so on.
Secondly, the Huawei certification official also recommended a lot of learning materials about HCPA-IP (H19-301):
Huawei Cyber ??Security-Strategy and Approach
HCPA IP Network (Datacom) Certification Training Materials
HCPA-IP Network(Security) Certification Training Materials
Training Materials for Supply Chain Business
Huawei Cyber ??Security Guide for Partners

Learning this part of the officially recommended study materials will be very helpful for your future H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) Certification exam. Compared with other certified learning materials, the learning data of H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) is relatively small. But it does not mean that we can relax on the learn HCPA-IP. Since the aspects of the knowledge points involved are not too broad, we need to understand and master these knowledge points at a deeper level. Of course, in addition to this part of the officially recommended study materials, we also need to have two necessary study materials.

H19-301-ENU Examination Guide and ITtestshare H19-301 free online test

In the initial phase of learn HCPA-IP, we can combine the two to summarize the learning priorities of HCPA-IP and plan a specific direction for future learning. This will be very helpful for our learn HCPA-IP.By grasping the key points of learning, you can achieve efficient learning. Can not grasp the focus of learning, many people will waste a lot of their time and energy. The key is ultimately not able to master the core knowledge and skills.

In the preparation of the H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) Certification exam, we can practice ITtestshare H19-301 free online test repeatedly. Because the questions ofITtestshare H19-301 free online test are all the real questions involved in the real exam, repeated exercises and mastering the questions related to H19-301-ENU exam dumps passed H19-301-ENU ( The HCPA-IP) Certification exam will be simple.

What is the efficient learning method for HCPA-IP (H19-301)?

The first thing to say is what we said above, using the H19-301-ENU Examination Guide and ITtestshare H19-301 free online test to really focus on learning and planning learning. This is very important and is often overlooked by everyone. According to the learning direction of the learning focus, we have a very important guiding role for our learn HCPA-IP, so as to achieve more efficient learning.

What issues do we need to pay attention to in the H19-301 (HCPA-IP) Certification exam?

During the exam, there are two things to note. First, test emotions, second, careful. ITtestshare H19-301 free online test are jointly launched by a number of industry authorities, authenticity and reliability. Practice ITtestshare H19-301 free online test many times before the exam to ensure that you can successfully solve all the exam questions involved in the exam dump. Generally speaking, it is the best way to alleviate the tension that occurs during the real exam.

In the H19-301 (HCPA-IP) Certification exam, there will be some questions that are very similar to the exercises. Many people will also subconsciously choose the same answer as the exercises.

ITtestshare H19-301 free online test questions always keeps the fastest updates to ensure the accuracy of the questions. Candidates who have taken advantage of the latest ITtestshare H19-301 free online test to prepare for the exam do not need to worry about this issue.

This is some of my experience and how to learn HCPA-IP? How to pass the H19-301-ENU exam for your reference. I hope that everyone can learn and master the knowledge related to HCPA-IP, and can use ITtestshare H19-301 free online test scientifically. In the end, you can successfully pass the H19-301 (HCPA-IP) Certification exam.