What is the 1Z0-052 exam outline?

As far as the current situation is concerned, the Oracle 11g OCP certification exam tends to be popular, and the 1Z0-052 related exam has naturally become the preferred test for everyone. So how much do you know about the 1Z0-052 certification exam? What basic knowledge is needed and you have not yet understood? This article provides a comprehensive overview of the knowledge points associated with the 1Z0-052 certification exam.

1. Who needs to apply for the 1Z0-052 certification exam?

In order to achieve the goal of quickly grasping the most popular Oracle database technology required by enterprises, and to obtain the globally recognized Oracle OCP certification (database direction), college students and IT professional and technical personnel can enhance employment competitiveness and create value for enterprises. This is the official statement. If you are a person with an IT dream, the 1Z0-052 certification exam should naturally be a good certification exam for you to prove yourself.

2. What are the learning resources for Oracle 11g OCP Certification Exam 1Z0-052?
1) Participate in the training institution, and the lecturer will systematically tell you about the 1Z0-052.
2) the relevant learning materials are also required to pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam must be carefully examined.
3) The video tutorials left by the training exams can be combined with the learning materials to understand.
4) Conduct a test to find out your deficiencies and make up for them in time.
5) Communicate and share with the students.
6) Make study notes to facilitate review later.
7) Study the 1Z0-052 exam outline, and be good at grasping the key points to learn during the learning process.
8) Reasonably use the test dump to ensure that you can successfully pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam. Considering the combination of realism, reliability, authority and timeliness, the exam dump only recommends ITtestshare free online test questions. This is an exam dump that currently uses a very large number of people because only they can maintain a 100% pass rate.

3. Oracle 11g OCP certification exam 1Z0-052 test point outline?

1) understand the Oracle database architecture
Explain the structure of the memory.
Describe the structure of this process.
Overview of the storage structure.
2) Prepare the database environment
Identify the tools used to manage the Oracle database.
Install Oracle software by using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).
3) create an Oracle database
Create a database and use the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).
4) manage Oracle instance
Set the initialization parameters of the database.
Describe the stage of database startup and shutdown.
Use alert logs and trace files.
Use a data dictionary and a dynamic performance view.
5) configure Oracle’s network environment
Oracle network configuration and management.
Use the architecture of the Oracle shared server.
6) management database storage structure
An overview of tablespaces and data files.
Create and manage table spaces.
Space management in the table space.
7) manage user security
Create and manage database user accounts.
GRANT and REVOKE permissions.
Create and manage roles.
Create and manage configuration files.
8) management data and concurrency
Monitor and resolve lock conflicts
9) management restore data
Overview of withdrawal.
Transaction and withdrawal of data.
Management revocation.
10) the security of the implementation of the Oracle database
The principles of database security and least privilege.
Work with database auditing guidelines.
11) database maintenance
Use and manage the statistics of the optimizer.
Use and manage the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).
Consulting structure used.
Manage alerts and thresholds.
12) performance management
Use automatic memory management.
Use a memory advisor.
Resolve invalid and unavailable objects.
13) Improvement of intelligent infrastructure
Use the Enterprise Manager to support the workbench.
Manage patches.
14) backup and recovery concepts
Identify the types of failures that may occur in the Oracle database.
Explain in detail how to adjust the instance recovery.
Determine the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archive log files
Outline flash recovery area.
Configure the ARCHIVELOG mode.
15) perform database backup
Create a consistent database backup.
Back up your database without shutting down.
Create an incremental backup.
Automatic backup of the database.
Manage backups, view backup reports, and monitor flash recovery areas.
16) perform database recovery
Overview of data recovery consultants.
Perform recovery using the Data Recovery Advisor. Includes control files, redo log files, and data files.
17) mobile data
Mobile data, including the Directory object, a detailed description of the external table of SQL*Loader and how to use it.
Explain the Oracle architecture of the general architecture.
Use the data pump to export and import data movements between Oracle databases.

4. How can I pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam?
1) Find a book (or electronic file) about the database principle and master the basic principles of the database.
2) read the reference book and combine the operation of the machine to master the general principles and basic usage of SQL.
3) at least buy an Oracle reference book (entry level must buy), and find a device with Oracle version installed, in order to establish a learning environment on the machine;
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5. What kind of cognition should we have for exam dumps?

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From a realistic point of view, simply relying on tITtestshare 1Z0-052 free online test questions, you pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam is not much problem. However, you need to know if your purpose is to really learn knowledge or just for a certificate?

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How to learn and test on Oracle 1Z0-052?

Oracle 1Z0-052 certification can be said to be a milestone in IT career. After you pass the Oracle 1Z0-052 certification exam, your career will have very large room for expansion. The Oracle 1Z0-052 certification is something that everyone in the IT industry desires. The knowledge involved in the Oracle 1Z0-052 certification will ensure that you have a solid foundation and expertise in the Oracle 11g database management system.

1. the basic knowledge of Oracle 1Z0-052 certification

1) Oracle 1Z0-052 certification covers all aspects of database technology.

In general, the knowledge about the database is not very difficult in principle, as long as you have a certain knowledge of the database knowledge, you do not need to spend too much time and effort to master the relevant principles. Moreover, the general relational database software, such as server, is not as complicated as it used to be. However, Oracle is definitely different because Oracle is the most successful and complete relational database software ever.

Oracle’s management and maintenance methods and implementation are very rich, involving many aspects of technical details. So, don’t just go to Oracle from one aspect, because that must be one-sided. If you want to fully grasp all of Oracle’s knowledge, to achieve true mastery of Oracle, not two or three years are unrealistic.

According to the test outline of 1Z0-052, you need to master at least the oracle system structure and principle in oracle technology, the installation and configuration of oracle database, the management of oracle database, oracle data backup and recovery technologies. Do not underestimate these parts. To take these things out, there is a lot of knowledge to learn.

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2) The technology related to Oracle 1Z0-052 certification is developing very fast and the technology is highly relevant.

Although oracle is just a database system, but in practical applications, in addition to facing the database itself, you also need to face a lot of things related to it. For example, if you are doing oracle database network management, you certainly will need to know how to communicate with the network and firewall technologies. This is just an example. There is naturally a lot of technical issues that need to be resolved on the 1Z0-052 certification. It should be noted here that technology-related issues are never static, and you will continue to encounter new problems. This requires you to combine the relevant knowledge of the 1Z0-052 certification to address these issues in a targeted manner.

Of course, you are also lucky. Because 1Z0-052 certification is only one direction of Oracle certification. We do not need to know all about Oracle at the same time. We can concentrate on energy and time and strive to go further in the direction of 1Z0-052 and strive to achieve all achievements in this direction.

Oracle is one of the most important database providers in the world. Oracle’s database technology has been widely used in various fields. Therefore, the demand for Oracle talent in the worldwide talent market is very large. You do not need to worry too much about your work after you have obtained the 1Z0-052 certification. Maintaining a learning attitude, using what you can do in a job school, and diligently studying database and related technologies, your future career will surely get better and better.

Learned some basic knowledge about 1Z0-052 certification, if you eventually choose 1Z0-052, then you need to start from 0 to learn about 1Z0-052 certification. Didn’t you feel that you couldn’t get started with this sudden study? Here are some suggestions on how to learn 1Z0-052?

2. Some suggestions for learning 1Z0-052

1) If you have never before been exposed to the knowledge of the database, I suggest that you first find a book on the principles of the database to learn, first to master the basic principles of the database. This is your knowledge base for learning 1Z0-052;

2) Carefully and comprehensively read the reference book, and at the same time combine the operation of the machine, master the general principles and basic usage of sql;

3) Buy one or more oracle entry-level reference books, and find a computer with a version of oracle (oracle7.3 or better, preferably oracle 8) installed, and build a learning environment on the machine. this point is very important. Because learning from 1Z0-052 will be meaningless if it is out of practice.

If you intend to study 1Z0-052 by attending a training course, you must choose the oracle-authorized training course. Only such a training class can guarantee the quality of teaching, and you may get a certain discount when you apply for the exam.

Some people may ask, what reference books mentioned above specifically refer to? In fact, from a strict sense, 1Z0-052, and even Oracle are no real reference books. Because for the learning of 1Z0-052, what you mainly do is constantly familiar with various applications of oracle in the process of the machine, the main test is your hands-on ability. As for the reference book, it is just for your reference and reference. Therefore, from this point of view, it is not good to pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam back exam database.

If you have to say which reference materials are helpful for learning 1Z0-052, you may wish to try these:

Primary: “Easily master sql structured query language”, “easy to master oracle database development”, “oracle beginners guide” and so on;

Advanced: “The essence of Oracle server technology”, “Oracle8/8i development and use manual”, “Oracle8 Performance Optimization and Management Manual” and so on.

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3. What is the significance of passing the Oracle 1Z0-052 certification exam?

If you pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam, you will be qualified to compete with others in the industry. Because for employers, they need talents with a solid technical foundation, so you will definitely have an advantage when you interview with a 1Z0-052 certification.

The Oracle 1Z0-052 certification can prove you are a challenging person with a keen insight and you will be a qualified technician.

4. How can we successfully pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam?

If you want to be able to 100% pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam, it will inevitably require the help of a 1Z0-052 exam dump. Because as long as your knowledge about the 1Z0-052 certification is weak, you will be able to participate in the 1Z0-052 certification exam if you are ignorant of the questions. Even if your skills and capabilities are strong in many aspects, there is no guarantee. You can 100% pass the 1Z0-052 certification exam.

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