How can pass 200-155 DCICT certification exam?

The introduction of the Cisco Data Center Technology (DCICT) Exam (code: 200-155) is 90-minute exam with 55-65 questions. It is one of the exams related to the certification of the CCNA Data Center. It is designed to test candidates’ data. Understanding basic technologies such as central physical infrastructure, data center network concepts and data center storage networks, including unified computing, Cisco data center network technology, data center network virtualization, data center automation and orchestration, and application-centric infrastructure. So how do we actually pass the 200-155 DCICT certification exam?

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First, what can the Cisco 200-155 DCICT certification exam bring you?

The most representative sign of a successful data center is “agility.” Designed for rapid application deployment and supported by a highly flexible infrastructure, the data center has become the core of many companies competing in the digital age.

The Cisco 200-155 DCICT certification provides you with the expertise and flexibility needed to install, configure, and maintain data center technology, giving you data center infrastructure, data center networking concepts and technologies, storage networking, unified computing, network virtualization , Data Center Automation and Orchestration and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) success.

So, choosing the Cisco 200-155 DCICT certification is definitely a good choice for you.

Second, Cisco 200-155 exam theme:

1. Unified calculation (25%)

1) Describe the common server types and connections in the data center

2) Describe the physical components of Cisco UCS

3) Describe the concept and benefits of Cisco UCS hardware abstraction

4) Perform basic Cisco UCS configuration

1, high availability of the cluster

2, port role

3, hardware discovery

5) Describe the concept and benefits of server virtualization

1, the management process

2, the virtual switch

3, shared storage

4, virtual machine components

5, virtual machine manager

2. Network virtualization (17%)

1) Describe the components and operations of the Cisco Virtual Switch

2) Describe the concept of coverage

1, OTV



3) Describe the advantages and perform simple troubleshooting of VDC STP

4) Compare and contrast default and manage VRFs

5) Differentiate data, control and management plane

3. Cisco Data Center Network Technology (26%)

1) Describe, configure and verify the FEX connection

2) Describe, configure and verify basic vPC functionality

3) Description, configuration and verification of FabricPath

4) Description, configuration and verification of unified switch ports

5) Describe the functions and advantages of the unified switching matrix

6) Describe and explain the use of role-based access control in data center infrastructure

4, automation and layout (15%)

1) Explain the purpose and value of using API??

2) Describe the basic concepts of cloud computing

3) Describe the basic functions of Cisco UCS Director

1, management

2. Coordination

3. Multi-tenant

4, return a single

5, service provision

6, directory

4) Explain and eliminate Cisco UCS Director workflow

5, application-centric infrastructure (17%)

1) Describe the architecture of the ACI environment

1. Basic policy decisions

2, APIC controller

3, c spine

4, API

2) Describe the structure discovery process

3) Describe the policy-driven multi-tier application deployment model and its benefits

4) Describe the ACI logic model

1. Tenants

2, the context

3, bridge domain

4, EPG

5. Contract

The Cisco 200-155 exam theme is not for anyone to watch. Everyone should carefully read this exam topic, determine their future learning priorities, and plan their own future learning direction. If you do these things well, your future learning will be more structured and efficient; at the same time, it will be of great help to the future 200-155 DCICT certification exam.

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