Sharing on VMware 2V0-602 learning and exam experience

Recently, I successfully passed the VMware 2V0-602 exam. During the process of learning VMware 2V0-602, I had a lot of communication with many candidates and learned a lot of knowledge. Here, I will summarize my learning process and share it with everyone. I hope to be able to help you with your study and exams.

Develop a scientific and rational VMware 2V0-602 learning plan. This is the first and most important step in our learn VMware 2V0-602. It is important to note that we need to combine the VMware 2V0-602 study guide and ITtestshare VMware 2V0-602 free online test questions to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the VMware 2V0-602 learning plan.

More summary, more adjustment

This is what we need to do at each stage of learn VMware 2V0-602. What does it mean to do this? To sum up, it is actually a process of testing yourself. Let yourself clearly understand what VMware 2V0-602 knowledge and skills you have mastered during this learning phase? What knowledge points are not enough to master? What aspects of learning are not good enough? and many more.
On the one hand, you can make yourself perfect in the final stage of learning; on the other hand, you can better adjust the learning direction of the next stage. That’s why we need to summarize at each stage of learn VMware 2V0-602.

Forum interaction and blog learning

The VMware 2V0-602 related forum is a good communication platform for many candidates. Through communication, on the one hand, we can solve many of the difficulties we encountered in learning, on the other hand, we can also temper our communication skills. It can be said that there are many benefits.
Many of today’s VMware 2V0-602 experts use their blog as a platform for recording and sharing. On these VMware 2V0-602 expert blogs, it’s easy to search for VMware 2V0-602 related learning tips, materials, and some information related to the VMware 2V0-602 exam. Whether it is for our study or the exam, it has a certain positive effect.

Schedule VMware 2V0-602 Mock test

In the preparation for the exam phase, using ITtestshare VMware 2V0-602 free online test questions to schedule a comprehensive VMware 2V0-602 Mock test is much more efficient than reading and taking notes.

Why do you say that? We can look at some questions first:

A vSphere Administrator recently upgraded to vSphere .6.5 and wants to assign more than 4 TB of RAM to the virtual machine.
What must happen first?
A. Make sure that the user account has administrative privileges at a global level.
B. Upgrade the Virtual Machine compatibility to version 13.
C. Obtain an ESXi server with an Intel Skylake CPU.
D. Make sure that there are no snapshots present on the virtual machine.
Answer: B

A vSphere Administrator recently introduced a new shared storage solution for the ESXi hosts. Despite good device specifications, this new storage solution is not performing well. What are two VMware-recommended troubleshooting steps for fixing this? (Choose two.)
A. Restart the vCenter Server.
B. Check the VMware Hardware Compatibility List.
C. Verify that vCenter Server is running the latest patched version.
D. Verify that the drivers and firmware are at the recommended versions.
E. Restart the Platform Services Controller.
Answer: A, E

A VM has the following configuration:
A vSphere Administrator creates a snapshot of a powered off VM.
What is the maximum size of all of the snapshots that can be consumed on the datastore?
A. 30 GB
B. 100% of the datastore minus 512 bytes
C. 34 GB
D. 50% of the datastore
Answer: C

Which two network failure detection options are available when using a vSphere Standard Switch? (Choose two.)
A. Fixed with preferred path
B. Dynamic
C. Link status with Beacon probing
D. Link status only
Answer: C, D

Which two methods can a vSphere Administrator use to automatically synchronize time on an ESXi host? (Choose two.)
A. Log in to the VMware Host Client, navigate to Host > Manage > Time & date and click Edit settings.
B. Select the host in the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Configure > System > Time Configuration and click the Edit button.
C. Use the esxcli hardware clock get command in the ESXi Shell.
D. The vicfg-ntp command.
E. Configure the VMware Tools time synchronization.
Answer: B, E

These questions are all the exam questions in the current VMware 2V0-602 exam. So arrange such a mock exam, the exam content is almost identical to the real VMware 2V0-602 exam.

Fully mastering all the questions in ITtestshare VMware 2V0-602 free online test questions almost means that you will be 100% successful. In the preparation for the exam phase, it is very meaningful to arrange a mock exam like this. The above is the summary and sharing of some of my study and exam experience, you can use it as a reference.

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