What are the types of questions for the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam?

When it comes to preparing for the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam, it is necessary to know the exam questions in advance! For some of the students, if you don’t have much confidence in the exam, then you may need to know some rules and policies and related precautions for the Microsoft certification exam.

What are the types of questions for the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam?

For the security of the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam and the value of the Microsoft certification itself, Microsoft does not determine the form of the exam or the type of exam before the exam. Microsoft will continue to introduce innovative types of exam questions and exam techniques, while retaining the right to include new exams at any time without prior notice. And Microsoft is still developing and experimenting with new types of questions, so I want to know which types of questions are specific to the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam. It is generally difficult. Of course, it is not impossible to say.

1. Let’s take a look at the types of questions that may be included in the Microsoft certification exam.

1), Best Answer
There is only one answer or a single question type that allows you to choose the best answer.

2), Multiple Choice
There are two or more multiple-choice questions in the answer.

3), Active screen

Provide an operation interface in the title, and the candidate answers in the interface (for example: click on a specific option).

4), Hot area

Display a picture in the title, the candidate is free to click on a specific area of ??the picture to answer.

5), Create a tree

Several answers are listed in the title, and the corresponding answer tree is created by the candidate.

6), Drag-and-drop

Provide selectable answers and answer space in the title, and the candidate will drag and drop the answer to a specific answer space.

7), Build list and reorder

List several steps in the topic, select the necessary steps by the candidate, and sort them into the correct order.

8), Simulation

The topic is presented in a simulated environment. Candidates should use the simulation environment to answer questions and test the actual operation and setting capabilities of the candidates.

9), Testlet

Presented in the form of a question group, a situation will be first proposed in the question group, and the candidate answers the question in the question group according to the situation.

10), Short Answer

Write multiple lines of code to answer in the available text input fields.

How do I know the specific exam questions for the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam? Many people may have guessed it: the exam dump. However, the exam questions for the Microsoft certification exam are not fixed. They may be changed at any time. Is the exam dump reliable?

Of course not every exam dump is reliable. A reliable test dump must have these most basic conditions: it should be jointly researched and published by the authorities in the industry; the test dump must be kept updated; the test dump must be used by a large number of candidates to prove its Reliability, etc. Exam dumps that meet the above requirements are currently very good in all aspects of the industry’s reputation. ITtestshare Microsoft 70-346 free online test, you can pay attention.

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