How to learn Microsoft 70-535?

At the moment, the further development of the cloud market has brought more development opportunities to the winners of Microsoft Azure certification. Not only are there more and more choices of positions, but also the salary is getting better and better, and its professional status is getting higher and higher, and the industry prospects are getting better. So how do we go to learn microsoft 70-535?

1. What basic knowledge do I need before learning microsoft 70-535?
1), Create resources and resource group in Azure.
2), Manage containers and blobs stored in an Azure Storage account.
3), Configure an Azure Virtual Network and enable S2S and P2S connectivity.
4), Manage users, groups, and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance.
5), Build an Azure Virtual Machine with related resources.
6), Protect networked application components using Network Security Groups.
7), Create App Service Plans and manage apps related to the plan.
8), Deploy an Azure SQL, MySQL, Postgres or Cosmos database instance.
9), Automate everyday Azure resource tasks using Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell.
10), Monitor existing Azure solutions using built-in metrics, Application Insights, or Operational Insights.

It is not difficult to see from the above requirements: learn microsoft 70-535 needs to have a certain foundation and learn microsoft 70-535 will certainly have some difficulty.

In general, the target audience for microsoft 70-535 is an IT professional with knowledge of Microsoft Azure solutions. As a result, IT professionals who are familiar with Azure services and features and can make effective decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud applications are best suited for this certification. Generally speaking, it is mainly a software architect or a solution architect.

2. What is the first step of learn microsoft 70-535 after having the relevant basic knowledge?
The most basic and most important of any certification exam is the Examination Guide for this certification exam. The Microsoft 70-535 certification is no exception. So, the first step in our learn microsoft 70-535 is to learn the microsoft 70-535 Examination Guide.

Microsoft 70-535 Examination Guide :
1), Design Compute Infrastructure (20-25%)
2), Design Data Implementation (15-20%)
3), Design Networking Implementation (15-20%)
4), Design Security and Identity Solutions (20-25%)
5), Design Solutions by using Platform Services (10-15%)
6), Design for Operations (10-15%)

Why is the microsoft 70-535 Examination Guide important? Because this is officially launched by microsoft certification, the most authoritative. Through the study of the microsoft 70-535 Examination Guide, we can basically plan the focus of learn microsoft 70-535 and draw up a corresponding study plan. Planned learning allows us to more rationally allocate the learning time and energy we need to invest in more efficient learning.

3. After learning the microsoft 70-535 Examination Guide, How to learn microsoft 70-535?
1), choose the appropriate microsoft 70-535 book to learn microsoft 70-535
The microsoft 70-535 book plays an important role in the preparation of the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam. Then, the choice of microsoft 70-535 book is very important. After reading a good microsoft 70-535 book, we should be able to understand how to design solutions and applications on the Microsoft Azure platform; familiarize with different Azure design patterns, and how to develop Azure cloud architecture; understand cloud security Best practices, etc. At the same time, a good microsoft 70-535 book should cover all the goals of the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam, covering topics such as ARM templates, AVM, networking, security, application storage, advanced applications, mobile and web applications.

2), combined with teaching video to learn microsoft 70-535
On the Internet, there will be a lot of instructional videos about learn microsoft 70-535. There is a need to pay, there are also free, this one can choose.
Combine the instructional video to learn microsoft 70-535, which is more conducive to our understanding of microsoft 70-535 related knowledge. At the same time, we can make us more focused and not too distracted.

3), participate in online training and learning
To learn about the concepts covered in the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam, attending online training is a great way. However, there are many online training institutions on the market. We must ensure that the training content of the training institution we choose includes all the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam targets, namely Azure virtual machine, Azure virtual network, Azure Storage, Azure Identity, Azure Database, Azure Application Services and Azure Workload Automation. At the same time, after attending online training, you must consult a lot of teachers, and the teacher will help you solve your doubts effectively.

4), read the Microsoft 70-535 related blog resources
This is a learning path that many people will ignore. Why do you want to list this item specifically? Of course it is because of “important” and “useful”! Many of the current Microsoft 70-535 related blogs not only have technical articles on the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam theme, but also have many useful resources. For example: Microsoft 70-535 exam information, expert tips, preparation guides, etc., these resources have proved to be useful. So, arrange the time and effort to invest in the blog, you will receive unexpected results.

5), participate in the forum discussion
On the Microsoft 70-535 related forum, you can submit your question. Some of the forum’s great gods will tell you about solutions to these problems. Moreover, different people will look at the problem from a different perspective. This will not only help you solve the problems encountered in learn microsoft 70-535, but also help to broaden your mindset. Not only is it good for your current learning, but it also has a positive effect on your ability to solve problems in the future.

6), gain practical experience
There is no real experience in learning more theoretical knowledge. Therefore, if you want to prepare for the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam, you will need to do a lot of practice. On the one hand, these practices can enhance and consolidate your skills. On the other hand, a lot of practice will give you more confidence to pass the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam.

7), participate in practical testing
Through practical testing, you can test your current knowledge of microsoft 70-535 and discover your weaknesses in a timely manner. It can also give you a real exam experience. Taking a hands-on test is a very important part of the learning process for every learn microsoft 70-535 student.

8), ITtestshare 70-535 free online test questions
This is the most effective guarantee for us to successfully pass the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam. If you feel that you have difficulty controlling your nervousness during the exam, if you feel that you are always careless when you are doing the problem; if you have enough Microsoft 70-535 knowledge and skills, you still can’t make sure you can successfully pass Microsoft. 70-535 certification exam. Then, downloading ITtestshare 70-535 free online test questions are an essential part of your exam. With the help of ITtestshare 70-535 free online test questions, you will definitely pass the Microsoft 70-535 certification exam.

4. What are the advantages of Microsoft 70-535 related technologies?
1), saving costs and increasing profitability
In the past, enterprise architecture networks required the purchase of new equipment, the design and installation of new software, the need for specialized personnel to perform system and equipment maintenance, etc., which were relatively large costs. However, once you have mastered the knowledge of Microsoft 70-535, you can use a better model to replace these traditional architectural patterns, minimizing this overhead and helping companies to make more profit.

2), flexibility
By using Azure, you can run efficiently without additional coding. Azure storage provides the flexibility, protection, security, and performance-efficient storage benefits of the cloud.

3), Azure provides protected IAM functionality through Azure Active Directory management so that authorized customers get the right data. Does the Microsoft Azure certification test have these skills. In this way, companies can develop IAM capabilities to reduce costs, become more dynamic and support creative business activities.

4), learning tools are simple
Create cloud native applications using well-known tools and programming languages. In this way, it is easy for experts to develop cloud-based applications.
It’s quick and easy to use, but the role it can play and the impact it has on the business is huge. Therefore, learn microsoft 70-535 is definitely a good choice.
It can greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises and improve the comprehensive income of enterprises. In the face of such talents, the treatment that companies are willing to give is naturally very rich.  If you want to test Microsoft tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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What should you implement?

You need to configure availability for the virtual machines that the company is migrating to Azure.
What should you implement?
A. Traffic Manager
B. Express Route
C. Update Domains
D. Cloud Services

Answer: B
ExpressRoute gives you a fast and reliable connection to Azure making it suitable for scenarios like periodic data migration, replication for business continuity, disaster recovery and other high availability strategies. It can also be a cost-effective option for transferring large amounts of data such as datasets for high performance computing applications or moving large VMs between your dev/test environment in Azure and on-premises production environment.

Which configuration should you use?

Drag and Drop Question
You plan to deploy a cloud service named contosoapp that has a web role named contosoweb and a worker role named contosoimagepurge. You need to ensure the service meets the following requirements:
* Contosoweb can be accessed over the Internet by using http.
* Contosoimagepurge can only be accessed through tcp port 5001 from contosoweb.
* Contosoimagepurge cannot be accessed directly over the Internet.
Which configuration should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate configuration setting to the correct location in the service configuration file. Each configuration setting may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.

image279 - Which configuration should you use?


image281 - Which configuration should you use?
Box 1: <InputEndpoint name=”Endpoint1″ protocol=”http” port=”80″ />
Contosoweb can be accessed over the Internet by using http.
Box 2: <InputEndpoint name=”Endpoint1″ protocol=”tcp” port=”5001″ />
Contosoimagepurge can only be accessed through tcp port 5001 from contosoweb.
Box 3: < RoleEndpoint endpointName=”Endpoint1″ roleName=”contosoimagepurge”/>
WhenSource matches=”AnyRule”>
FromRole roleName=”contosoweb”/>

What should you do first?

You have several virtual machines (VMs) that run in Azure. You also have a single System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager (SCCM) primary site on-premises.
You have the following requirements:
* All VMs must run on the same virtual network.
* Network traffic must be minimized between the on-premises datacenter and Azure.
* The solution minimize complexity.
You need to use SCCM to collect inventory and deploy software to Azure VMs.
What should you do first?
A. Configure client push for the Azure virtual network.
B. Enable and configure Operations Insights in Azure.
C. Install a cloud distribution point on an Azure VM.
D. Install a secondary site underneath the primary site onto an Azure VM.

Answer: C
Cloud-based distribution Point, a Configuration Manager Site System Role in the Cloud
Much of the Configuration Manager topology is made up of distribution points, they are very helpful in many situations where bandwidth and geographical separation are the facts of life, but also hard to manage if you have hundreds or even thousands of them.
This feature started with the vision that it makes perfect sense to have big distribution points in the Windows Azure cloud where one should not worry about things like (but not limited to) size, performance, reliability, security, access from all around the world, hardware/software update issues etc.
Note: Content management in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager provides the tools for you to manage content files for applications, packages, software updates, and operating system deployment. Configuration Manager uses distribution points to store files that are required for software to run on client computers. These distribution points function as distribution centers for the content files and let users download and run the software. Clients must have access to at least one distribution point from which they can download the files.

The service must be accessible from the public Internet over HTTP port 8080. You need to configure the test environment. Which two actions should you take?

You connect to an existing service over the network by using HTTP. The service listens on HTTP port 80. You plan to create a test environment for this existing service by using an Azure virtual machine (VM) that runs Windows Server.
The service must be accessible from the public Internet over HTTP port 8080. You need to configure the test environment. Which two actions should you take? Each correct answer presents part of the solution
A. Configure an endpoint to route traffic from port 8080 to port 80.
B. Configure an endpoint to route traffic from port 80 to port 8080.
C. Ensure that the public IP address is configured as a static IP address.
D. Configure the Windows Server firewall to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on port 8080.
E. Configure the Windows Server firewall to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on port 80.

Answer: A,E

What should you include in the recommendation?

You need to recommend an authentication solution for the DistributionTracking application.
What should you include in the recommendation?
A. a certificate
B. a Graph API endpoint
C. a security principal in Azure Active Directory
D. a managed service account in Azure Active Directory

Answer: A

You need to ensure that the customer-facing website meets the scaling and deployment requirements. What should you do?

You need to ensure that the customer-facing website meets the scaling and deployment requirements. What should you do?
A. Use Traffic Manager with load balancing enabled. Deploy websites in a single region.
B. Use Traffic Manager with load balancing enabled. Deploy web apps in multiple regions that are nearest to the website visitor populations
C. Implement operational procedures to quickly deploy additional local instances of the web apps when you are notified by Traffic Manager
D. Deploy and maintain multiple web app instances in the largest Azure datacenters in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Answer: B
From scenario: Customers must have 24-hour access to media downloads regardless of their location or time zone.

Which two DNS record types should you recommend?

You design an Azure web application. The web application is accessible by default as a standard URL.
You need to recommend DNS resource record types that allow you to configure access to the web application by using a custom domain name.
Which two DNS record types should you recommend?
D. A

Answer: B,D

Which two options can you use to achieve this goal?

You are responsible for mobile app development for a company. The company develops apps on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. You plan to integrate push notifications into every app.
You need to be able to send users alerts from a backend server.
Which two options can you use to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Azure Notification Hubs
B. Azure SQL Database
C. Azure Mobile App Service
D. Azure Web App
E. a virtual machine

Answer: A,C