CCNA exam code, question type and passing score

A: The CCNA exam code is 200-125, the test time is 140 minutes, passing score is 810 points with total 1000 scores. Exam questions: multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions and lab questions. At present the general examination is about 50 questions. The examination questions are randomly selected, and at least 3 lab questions. The drag and drop questions about 0-3, and the rest are multiple-choice questions.

(1) The multiple-choice questions are the original questions, the description of the questions and options and the question bank are the same, and the order of the answers will be changed.

(2) drag and drop questions, the exam only check the final result is correct to give points, calculate the subnet mask some drag questions, drag the left IP address to the corresponding position in the right figure, the IP address will be change during the exam. The question type is exactly the same. When you check the question, you must understand and master it.

(3) The lab questions, question type, test points and question method will not change, and the lab data will change. The lab questions are simple drag and drop, or enter the command directly on the original question (in the place of the input command can directly hit the command is very simple.

(4) Score, there is no specific score for each item of the CCNA exam, the final score is 300 points, and there is also 300 points if there is no answer. The multiple-choice question and the drag-and-drop question are about 10 points. The total score of the test question is about 300 points.

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