For some of the most basic understanding of Cisco certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE)

Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and corresponding network support engineers are Cisco Certified Network Engineers, Intermediate Network Engineers, and Network Experts, respectively. Levels from low to high in order, only through the previous level of certification exam, are eligible to participate in the next level of certification exam.


1, CCNA only need to test a book, mainly network basic knowledge, OSI seven-layer model, exchange, routing and other simple debugging and installation;

2, if you want to test Cisco CCNA, it is recommended that you can go to the bookstore to purchase point materials, and carefully study it yourself. In contrast, the Cisco CCNA certification exam is the easiest Cisco certification! Because you only need to pass one exam to get CCNA’s certificate, so can you tell us that Cisco CCNA can pass the self-study exam? The answer is: of course;

3, CCNA’s exam costs about 100 US dollars;

4, CCNA is all on the machine test questions, give you print results immediately after the end of the test! Through a look at it or not.


CCNP exam four books, content on the basis of CCNA more in-depth and more comprehensive, of course, the difficulty is naturally greater! Correspondingly, CCNP needs to pass four course exams to get a certificate. The difficulty is a step up from CCNA!


1. First of all, give you a shot: CCIE is very difficult, and it is naturally the most difficult in Cisco certification;

2. CCIE is divided into two parts: written examination and operation. Relatively speaking, the difficulty of operation is much greater than the written test! The difficulty of writing is not low, and the difficulty of operation can be imagined;

3, CCIE examination time is about half a day;

4, CCIE exam costs about 10,000 yuan.

5, CCIE only through the written test and operation are passed, in the true sense of the adoption of CCIE certification!

Because CCIE has fewer people, high recognition, and strong practicality, whether it is at home or globally, the Cisco CCIE’s gold content is very high!

As for CCDA and CCDP, they correspond to CCNA and CCNP, respectively. The difference lies in the emphasis on the network architecture and design, that is, corresponding to the position of pre-sale network support engineers.

Take this as the background. Passed CCNA/CCDA, at least can guarantee that you can find network technical support for such a job, and the position is still quite many; passed CCNP, probably equivalent to the middle and high-level engineers; if you pass the CCIE, the cattle will not succeed !

Most people may have heard this statement: Cisco certification has no future! Because there are too many people who have tested Cisco certification, the industry is saturated!

Here, I want to say: The IT market simply does not have “saturation”! No, not even in the future! To do technology, there is always only a high degree of technical exquisiteness. Learn CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, you will be very good in the future!

What kind of person is the one who says these things: The first category is that even Cisco certification fails to get started, the industry loser; the second category is Cisco certification to a very high level, and enjoy good treatment Of course, this kind of person is more selfish and it is kind of loser!

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What is the difference between CCIE and CCNP?

As far as the Cisco certification exam is concerned, the CCNP only has a written test, and the question bank will be able to pass; and in addition to the written test, CCIE has operations, both of which passed the CCIE certification exam! This requires candidates to have the real ability to eventually pass the CCIE certification exam!

Although the question bank is not a good choice, but have to admit that now back PAPER through the CCNA, CCNP exam accounted for more than 90% of the total number of people! What a huge number is this?

In theory, after passing CCNP, your career can be very good! But what is the difference between adopting CCNP and failing to pass through without real education? This point can go online to see what people are through CISCO abroad, who are looking at the country to understand.

CCNP is a Cisco certified senior network support engineer and CCIE is an Internet networking expert. There is still a clear difference between the two! Of course, in terms of practicality, it mainly depends on what kind of work you are doing. Generally, the unit CCNP is enough. Because the CCIE required treatment is definitely better than CCNP, the general company still prefers to hire CCNP slightly!

Popularize a small knowledge point: According to Cisco’s regulations, CCIE can be tested without CCNA or CCNP. CCIE is a direct test; CCNI must be examined before CCNP, CCNA certification is required to test CCNP; and CCNP needs Test three, pay three examination fees! If you really have strength, economically, it is better to examine CCIE directly!

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