Checkpoint ccsa(156-215.80) questions and answers

With the rapid emergence of new technologies such as the emergence of connected devices and cloud computing, issues such as management and operation in security have become more prominent. And checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) certification is exactly the realization of security integration. This makes the certification more popular. If you finally decide to learn checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) and take the exam, then the following questions and answers are just a matter of taking time to find out.

To participate in checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) exam, you need the following knowledge and skills:

Basic Concepts of VPN
Managing User Access
Working with ClusterXL
Security Policy Management
Network Address Translations
Check Point Technology Overview
Monitoring Traffic and Connections
Administrator Task Implementation
In addition, 6 months to 1 year of experience with Check Point products recommended.

What is the cost of checkpoint ccsa(156-215.80)exam?

The checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) exam is 90 minutes long. Within 90 minutes, you will need to complete 90 questions. Checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) exam cost is $250. Of course, this is a one-time fee for the 156-215.80 exam. If the exam fails, it not only means that you need to spend extra money to make up the exam, you will have to spend extra time and energy to tutor. Failure of the exam that every candidate is not willing to face. Therefore, we need to do everything possible to guarantee the passing rate of our exams.

What are the benefits of obtaining checkpoint ccsa(156-215.80) certification?

1. CCSA’s rank higher than other security vendor professionals.
2. Certified Professionals community, newsletter and special web access.
3. Validation you have the skills to implement the latest network security advancements.
4. checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) certification is the “knocking door” of many well-known enterprises.
5. You will get more job opportunities and promotion opportunities, and you will get a lot of treatment.

Where can I download the latest checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) free online test?

There are a lot of checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) free online test on the market. So, which checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) free online test is the latest and true and effective? We can first look at some checkpoint ccsa (156-215.80) exam questions:

Which of the following is NOT an integral part of VPN communication within a network?
A. VPN key
B. VPN community
C. VPN trust entities
D. VPN domain
Answer: A

Vanessa is firewall administrator in her company; her company is using Check Point firewalls on central and remote locations, which are managed centrally by R80 Security Management Server. One central location has an installed R77.30 Gateway on Open server. Remote location is using Check Point UTM-1 570 series appliance with R71. Which encryption is used in Secure Internal Communication (SIC) between central management and firewall on each location?
A. On central firewall AES128 encryption is used for SIC, on Remote firewall 3DES encryption is used for SIC.
B. On both firewalls, the same encryption is used for SIC. This is AES-GCM-256.
C. The Firewall Administrator can choose which encryption suite will be used by SIC.
D. On central firewall AES256 encryption is used for SIC, on Remote firewall AES128 encryption is used for SIC.
Answer: A

Which of the following is NOT a SecureXL traffic flow?
A. Medium Path
B. Accelerated Path
C. Fast Path
D. Slow Path
Answer: C

Which of the following Automatically Generated Rules NAT rules have the lowest implementation priority?
A. Machine Hide NAT
B. Address Range Hide NAT
C. Network Hide NAT
D. Machine Static NAT
Answer: B, C

Fill in the blanks: VPN gateways authenticate using ____ and _____.
A. Passwords, tokens
B. Certificates, pre-shared secrets
C. Certificates, passwords
D. Tokens, pre-shared secrets
Answer: B

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