Can you learn CCIE without basics? How can I learn it?

I don’t have a little IT infrastructure, but I want to learn some of Cisco’s knowledge, and then go to test Cisco CCIE certification, can it? I would like to switch to Cisco certification, but the foundation is very weak, and strive to learn to pass the CCIE certification exam? Can you learn CCIE without basics?

The answer to these questions is: Yes, of course! However, according to personal circumstances, the degree of difficulty is naturally different!

People who do not have a certain degree of work experience or are not very capable, want to learn CCIE is more difficult! After all, CCIE is the highest level of Cisco certification. This is not a small fight that can be passed, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get through. As for related expenses, we will not talk about it.

First of all, you have the idea to learn CCIE, this is commendable. At the same time, you have to admit that you are also very courageous. After all, the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. Outsiders are not able to experience the hardships of studying CCIE. Only when you go deeper will you understand.

The best way to learn CCIE on a zero-based basis is to find a more reliable training institution to learn systematically. Why do you want to find a home training organization? What is good for finding training institutions to learn CCIE?

1, Lecture teachers will be more professional, more systematic, and more profound explanations, allowing them to better learn and understand relevant knowledge;

2, can discuss and communicate with other students to make up for their own deficiencies;

3, in a good learning atmosphere, he is also more willing to seriously study;

4, can understand the dynamics of Cisco. In particular, the changes in the current Cisco version are still relatively large.

Some people may ask, since CCIE is so difficult, can I just test CCNP?

Indeed, Cisco certification is divided into three levels: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. From the current point of view, you really want to develop in this industry, CCNP can only be regarded as an entry, is the foundation. If you have higher requirements for yourself and more expectations for your own work, then you should not be entangled in this issue, just proceed to CCIE’s certificate.

Of course, if you just want to do maintenance in a small business and get a fixed salary, CCNP is completely satisfactory. Because most companies use CCNP knowledge. The average small integrator received almost this level.

However, if you want to work with a large integrator or general group company, the level of CCIE is essential. If only the level of CCNP is only available, it cannot be coped with.

As for the others, can we only examine CCNA?

For the answer to this question, I responded this way: It is necessary to examine the CCNA, but it is better not to examine the CCNA. Why do you say this way?

CCNA is actually a very important certification for network managers. It is to prove that network administrators have the ability to install, configure, run and run medium-sized routing and switching networks, and have troubleshooting capabilities.

Many people may think that CCNA is the initial stage of Cisco certification, and it is relatively simple. As a result, it is considered that learning CCNA is not necessary. This actually entered an ideological misunderstanding. There is no basis for the superstructure?

Only by having the right knowledge of CCNA can we go further on the road to Cisco certification.

Of course, if you are learning from zero, you can also do this: first examine a CCNA certificate, find relevant work based on the CCNA certificate, accumulate experience, learn CCNP knowledge, and then go to the CCNP certification; after passing the CCNP certification, Then move to an advanced point unit, while accumulating experience, continue to learn CCIE knowledge, and then go to CCIE. This method is gradual, and can also accumulate a lot of work experience while learning. This is good for your own growth.

Do not be too slow or too complicated for this method. Success is never achieved overnight. You step by step, solidify the foundation, and it is only a matter of time before success.

In addition, there is a common sense of common sense: CCIE, the full name of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is an expert-level certification exam launched by Cisco Systems in the United States in 1993. Recognized globally as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry, it is the world’s top certificate in Internetworking.

Did you know that there is a reason not to chase CCIE? As long as you work hard, zero-based, still take the CCIE certification home.  If you want to test CCIE tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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What capabilities do you need to obtain CCIE R&S certification as a network engineer in the routing and switching direction?

Please note! The network engineer in the routing and switching direction mentioned here is exactly a real engineer! A true engineer who can truly solve the problem!

1) English ability

The concept of “network” is not what we propose, but it originates from overseas. Plans like network infrastructure are made by foreign countries. Although our technology is constantly improving, many advanced materials are also available in English. If you do not have good English skills, it will be difficult to become a qualified engineer to understand and research advanced technologies. So, to become a qualified engineer, English ability is a very basic ability;

2) Learning ability

For example: If I were a network engineer at a company, I started with a simple network using simple network equipment such as Layer 3 switches, Layer 2 switches, and routers. The knowledge of CCIE used is relatively small. This network management is naturally very simple. My daily work is pleasing!

Later, the scale of the company has expanded and the simple network architecture has obviously failed to satisfy the company’s needs for the network! As a result, we added a firewall on the exit, and made security controls on the internal network. Since so many new things have been added, it is natural that I need to learn more.

Later, the scale of the company has expanded, and the company frequently receives many visitors. In order to entertain these visitors, we have to open some of the company’s networks to them. As a result, our company purchased a set of wireless devices, such as wireless controllers. All of a sudden, I have something new to learn!

I am the company’s network engineer. If the company needs to put in a new set of software equipment internally, I have to complete other things to ensure the smooth flow of all kinds of traffic!

It is not difficult to see from this example: The network is constantly evolving, and the technology that network engineers need to master is also increasing! Especially when the application is more and more complex, the situation is changing! If your technology remains the same and you do not have a good learning ability, then the road ahead will naturally be narrow and narrow!

3, three suggestions for beginners:

1) They must learn to find information and do “reach the party” without moving! Try to see similar English learning materials on the basis of reading Chinese materials! While deepening one’s own technical ability, it can also improve one’s English ability, killing two birds with one stone;

2) Do more practice and avoid eye masters! Network engineering is a kind of very practical technology. It can be said that many more are useless. It only depends on the actual operation. On paper, there is no value in this field! Many engineers think that this technology will, I know, but actually touch nails repeatedly in practice. This is the result of not doing much more!

3) Join some communication platforms to ask questions that you don’t understand, and speak up! Not only can you deepen your understanding of your known knowledge, but you can also learn more under the guidance of others!

CCIE R&S is a very good direction in Cisco certification and it is a direction worthy of its own efforts and efforts. When you truly pass the CCIE R&S certification, you will realize more!

If you want to test CCIE tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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