(Cisco 200-125) What Courses Does Cisco CCNA R&S Need to Learn?

At present, many people have chosen Caucus certification in their future career plans. A large part of them have not learned enough about the IT industry. Therefore, for the sake of safety, they have chosen to report training courses. So what CCNA R&S training courses do the general training institutions arrange? If it is really in the examination room, which of the exams need special attention?

1. Courses that CCNA R&S need to study:

1) Wide area network design ideas and principles;

2) OSI seven-layer model;

3) VLSM (variable length subnet mask);

4) Use Cisco software to configure the IP addresses of various routers and switch devices in a WAN environment;

5) Password recovery and IOS update for Cisco routers and switches;

6) Connect Cisco switches and routers according to a given network design specification;

7) Configure the routing protocols supported by the router, such as RIP, ELGRP, and OSPF.

It is obviously insufficient to learn theoretical knowledge alone. Therefore, in addition to the above CCNA R&S courses, it is natural to have certain operational skills.

2. CCNA R&S needs to master the operating skills:

1) Configure the switch to implement VLAN configuration and interconnection between thousands of hosts;

2) Configure an access list to implement security control, filter network traffic, and control access to devices or network segments;

3) Configure WAN lines;

4) Verify the network protocols configured by Cisco routers and switches;

5) Analyze and solve network faults through Cisco IOS commands and commonly used network management software;

6) NAT address forwarding.

3. the significance of CCNA R&S certification

The CCNA R&S certification marks the acquirer’s ability to install, configure, and run medium-sized routing and switching networks and to troubleshoot. CCNA R&S certified professionals have the knowledge and skills to establish connections with remote sites over the WAN and eliminate basic security threats.

4. CCNA training includes the use of the following protocols:

TCP/IP, EIGRP, serial line interface protocol, RIPv2, VLAN, STP spanning tree, Ethernet technology, and Access Control List (ACL).

5. How to participate in CCNA R&S exam?

Log in to Cisco’s official website to register for the exam.

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