What are the common questions of Huawei H31-321?

Nowadays, as Huawei equipment is procured in large quantities around the world, its corresponding Huawei certification has also been recognized by more and more individuals and companies. Huawei H31-321 certification is one of them. If you are also interested in this certification, here are some of the Huawei H31-321 certification questions and answers, you can find out first.

What are the basic information of Huawei H31-321 exam?

Huawei H31-321 exam The test name is: HCNP-MSTP Transmission, which is a 90-minute test. The test score is 1000 points. If you score 600 points or above, you will pass the Huawei H31-321 smoothly. Exam. Huawei H31-321 Exam content: HCNP-MSTP Transmission exam covers OptiX SDH equipment commissioning, board replacement of OptiX SDH equipment, discrete service analysis and handling, complex networking of OptiX SDH equipment, tests for common Ethernet service indicators, clock protection of OptiX OSN Equipment, SDH equipment interconnection, ECC maintenance, pointer justification, routine maintenance of OptiX SDH equipment, troubleshooting OptiX SDH equipment, ASON overview.

What is the Huawei H31-321 certification exam fee?

The Huawei H31-321 certification exam fee is $200, which is at least a small expense for me.
If I don’t want to increase my exam costs, the only way is to ensure that the exam passes smoothly.
Otherwise, in addition to paying more money, I will have to spend a lot of time and effort to continue the learn Huawei H31-321. I believe this is something that no one wants to face.

What are the benefits of obtaining the Huawei H31-321 certification?

HCNP-Transmission certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage transport networks. With HCNP-Transmission certification, you demonstrate the ability to perform indicator testing and system commissioning on transport equipment, describe complex networking, and judge and resolve common faults. With engineers who are HCNP-Transmission certified, carriers or enterprises are able to complete the commissioning, maintenance, and optimization of SDH and WDM networks. With the Huawei H31-321 certification, you will have more opportunities to enter the top companies. With the Huawei H31-321 certification, you will get more job options and job promotion opportunities.

Huawei H31-321 test questions and answers as below:

If equipment power is configured with 1+1 protection, you can replace the PIU board without cutting off the supply from the DC power distribution unit.
Answer: B

Which of the following bytes cannot be processed in pass-through mode on an ADM site using OptiX NG-SDH equipment?
A. K1
B. K2
C. A1
D. A2
Answer: CD

You can change the VC~12 numbering policy by configuring related parameters on the U2000.
Answer: B

These Huawei H31-321 test questions and answers are all included in the latest ITtestshare Huawei H31-321 free online test questions. More importantly, these Huawei H31-321 test questions are all real-world questions in the current Huawei H31-321 exam. Before the learn Huawei H31-321, proper understanding of some Huawei H31-321 certification questions and answers will be a good guide for your future study.