The difference between virtualization and cloud computing

Cloud computing experts interpret for you: the difference between virtualization and cloud computing

Virtualization refers to virtualization of one physical machine to multiple virtual machines. Multiple virtual machines can run on single physical machine at the same time. Each virtual machine can run its own operating system, and each application can run in a separate space without being affected by each other, thereby greatly improving the working efficiency of the physical machine.

Virtualization use related software to redefine the division of data resources. It can realize dynamic allocation of data resources and flexible scheduling, which improves the utilization of data resources. As the related technologies continue to mature, virtualization also gradually becomes flexible and changeable.

Virtualization is relatively broad term that refers to solution derived from the virtual components of computing component to simplify management and optimize resources.

It is like an empty, transparent office building with no fixed walls throughout. However, users can use the same cost of this building to build more mature and available office space, thus saving costs and maximizing space utilization. Of course, this is just an analogy to aid understanding!

This idea of re-planning limited and fixed resources according to different needs to achieve maximum utilization is called virtualization technology in the IT field.

Virtualization technology can greatly expand the capacity of hardware and simplify software reconfiguration. The CPU virtualization technology allows single CPU to simulate multiple CPU in parallel and allows multiple operating systems to run on a single platform at the same time. The corresponding applications can run in independent spaces without affecting each other. Ultimately improve the computer’s work efficiency to a great extent!

Virtualization technology is fundamentally different from multitasking and hyperthreading. Virtualization technology can run multiple operating systems at the same time, and there are multiple programs running in each operating system. Each operating system runs on a corresponding virtual CPU or virtual host; multitasking is In the same operating system, multiple programs run in parallel at the same time; Hyper-Threading Technology only simulates dual CPU with a single CPU to balance the performance of the program. The main point is that the two simulated CPU can’t be separated. Only work together.

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