Huawei H12-321 learning and exam experience sharing

Recently, I successfully passed the Huawei H12-321 exam. This is inseparable from the help of many people. Of course, this is naturally inseparable from your own efforts. After the exam, I made a detailed summary of my study and exam experience. Share it with everyone and hope to be helpful to everyone.

Focus on the Huawei H12-321 Examination outline:
Building a Foundation Enterprise WLAN (21%)
Building a Movable Enterprise WLAN (12%)
Building a Security Enterprise WLAN (29%)
Building a Reliable Enterprise WLAN (15%)
Building an Internet Enterprise WLAN (23%)
According to the Huawei H12-321 Examination outline, we can basically determine the test focus of the Huawei H12-321. This has important guiding significance for our study. For this reason, the Huawei H12-321 Examination plan is an important reference for the scientific and rational Huawei H12-321 learning plan.

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The following are some of the H12-321 sample questions:

In smart roaming, an AP specifying the target AP for 802.11v-capable STAs. In this way, STAs actively roam to the target AP, and the original AP does not need to kick the STAs offline.
Answer: A

The following is the URL template configuration for the connection between the AC6005 and Portal server.
Which statement is FALSE about the URL template configuration?
Url-template name huawei
Url-parameter ssid ssid
A. The port number 8080 can be changed to 8443.
B. The word “portaI” can be changed to “webauth”.
C. The url-para meter ssid ssid command sets the SSID to ssid.
D. The url-para meter ssid ssid command indicates that the SSID can be any SSID.
Answer: C

On a WLAN that uses the AC6005 as the RADIUS client, which of the following statements is TRUE about the authentication-free rule profile?
A. The authentication-free rule profile is used to permit the IP addresses of anti-virus devices such as the anti-virus gateway and firewall.
B. The authentication-free rule profile is used to permit the IP addresses of the DNS, DHCP, and authentication servers.
C. The authentication-free rule profile can use advanced ACLs.
D. The authentication-free rule profile can permit specified IP addresses only by using ACLs.
Answer: B

Which statement about linear networking of a Mesh network is FALSE?
A. The neighbor can be manually specified.
B. The neighbor cannot be manually specified.
C. 802.11s packets converted from 802.3 packets can be transmitted over the links between MPs and then transmitted over wireless links.
D. Single-point failures may occur.
Answer: B

To shorten the STA roaming time, the APs perform 4-way handshake using WPA and WPA2 to negotiate keys. In this way, negotiation packets are not forwarded to the AC, reducing the time required.
Answer: A

These H12-321 sample questions are worth your time and effort to study. Because these H12-321 sample questions are the latest test questions related to the H12-321 exam. If you want to know more about the H12-321  exam, you can click ITtestshare Huawei H12-321 free online test to learn more.