What are the common questions of Huawei H12-425 exam?

Acquiring the Huawei H12-425 certification can broaden our career and give us more opportunities to get a better job and get a promotion. If you are sure to learn Huawei H12-425, then the following common Huawei H12-425 certification questions and answers are all we need to know.

What are the basic information of Huawei H12-425 exam?
Certification: HCNP-DCF-BFDO
Exam Code: H12-425-ENU
Exam Title: HCNP-DCF-BFDO (Huawei Certified Network Professional-Data Center Facility-Build Facility Deployment Optimization)
Duration: 90 min
Pass Score/Total Score: 750/1000

What is the Huawei H12-425 certification exam fee?
The Huawei H12-425 certification exam fee is $160.
Relatively speaking, the Huawei certification exam fee is not high. But this is only for candidates who can pass the exam once and for all. If the exam fails, it means not only spending more money to take the exam, but also investing in time and energy.
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The Huawei H12-425 exam is as follows:
The HCNP-DCF-BFDO V1.0 exam includes but not limited to the following: data center facility, Huawei power distribution system installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, Huawei monitoring system installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, Huawei monitoring system installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, Fresh air system, cabling system and gas fire extinguishing system.

What are the points involved of Huawei H12-425 exam?
Huawei data center facility
Huawei power distribution system
Huawei data center cooling system
Huawei data center monitoring system
Other data center facility system

Huawei H12-425 test questions and answers as below:

The camera coding can be obtained by ().
A. IVS client
B. ECC800
C. Smart ETH socket
D. WiFi converter
Answer: A

The straight pipe interval fixedly supported by NetCol5000-C piping is ().
A. 3200mm
B. 3000mm
C. 2800mm
D. 2500mm
Answer: D

After the UPS5000 is installed with ejector fan, you need to set the status of “Ejector Fan” as “Allow” in the menu. Otherwise, the ejector modules cannot be used normally.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Which of the following are the characteristics of Huawei NetCol5000-A row-level precision air conditioner cooling capacity adjustment?
A. DC inverter compressor, which can 20%~100% infinitely adjust cooling capacity.
B. Invariable frequency compressor, can not adjust cooling capacity infinitely.
C. When the load is lower than 20%, the electric heating heat compensation is turned on, and the compressor is continuously operated without stopping.
D. When the load is lower than 30%, the compressor starts and stops frequently, and the valve frequently actions and is easily stuck.
Answer: AC

When the single machine is working, after the function of power-off of the ups2000-g machine is prohibited, the PL port has no output when overload or battery power is low.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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