LPI certification exam knowledge and specific exam process

Students who have an LPI certification idea need to have some basic knowledge about the LPI certification exam. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the specific process of the LPI certification exam. Let’s take a look at it together.

1. LPI exam certification level:

1), LPIC-1
Requirements: Pass the 101 and 102 exams.
Task Description: A first-level certifier can use the Linux command line to complete simple maintenance tasks, help users solve problems, add users to a larger system, backup, restore, shut down and reboot the system, install and configure workstations (including X Workstation) and connect it to the LAN.

2), LPIC-2
Prerequisites: LPIC-1 certification is required to obtain LPIC-2 certification, but you can choose to take the exam in any order.
Requirements: Pass the 201 and 202 exams.
Mission Overview: To pass the Level 2 exam, you must be able to manage a small to medium-sized website, plan, implement, maintain, consistent, and secure, be able to maintain a small, comprehensive network (MS, Linux), including LAN servers (samba), Internet Gateway (firewall, proxy server, email, news), internet server (web server, FTP server).

3), LPIC-3
Prerequisites: LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certification is required to obtain LPIC-3 certification, but you can choose to take the exam in any order.
Requirements: Pass the 301 and 302 exams.
LPI101 and LPI102 exams can be counted as LPI Level 1 certification. LPI201 and LPI202 can get LPI Level 2 certification. LPI301 and LPI302 can get LPI Level 3 certification.

2. LPI certification exam questions:

The LPI exam questions are divided into three forms: multiple choice, single selection and fill in the blanks. The questions are very focused on experience and cover a wide range of content. The back book is unlikely to pass the exam.

3. LPI certification re-examination rules:

Candidates who fail the exam for the first time may not take the exam for the same subject again within one week; they may not take the exam for the same subject again within 90 days after the second failed exam and the exam that has not passed in the future; Policy, those who have passed the LPI exam may not take the exam for the same subject again within two years. If you take the same subject test again within the allowed retake time, you must pay the same test fee.

4. Confirmation of LPI certification:

Once you have obtained the LPIC certificate, you can show the certificate you have obtained to others by visiting the certificate confirmation page. When accessing this page, you will need to provide your LPI ID and confirmation code, which can be obtained from your personal information.

5. The role of LPI certification:

As a well-known brand in many IT certifications today, based on the nature of LPI non-profit organizations, LPI is not owned by any individual, organization or company, and there is no commercial transaction and nature change, thus ensuring the long-term and continuity of certification. LPI proves that the individual’s Linux experience is internationally certified, which can satisfy the candidates’ standout in the fierce career. Many international IT manufacturers are looking for LPI certification when they are recruiting jobs related to Linux skills.

6. How to take the LPI certification exam?

After the candidates pass the LPI pre-test training or self-study, they have a certain grasp of the relevant knowledge in the LPI exam certification, and when they are ready to take the LPI exam, they can carry out the following exam certification steps:

Step 1: Register for the LPI exam ID

Before you are ready to take the LPI certification exam, you must register on the LPI official website. The personal information (such as name, address) filled in when registering the LPI ID must be filled in English. After registration, the system will send an LPI ID to your email address. You can also view the LPI ID by logging into the member area. All registrations are free. If you encounter any difficulties in your registration, please call our test assistants at 010-62670579 or email [email protected] LPI will have an exam assistance specialist to serve you.

Step 2: Fill out the LPI exam application form

After you get the LPI ID, go to the LPI China official website (www.lpi-china.org) to download the LPI exam application form, and fill in the personal information as required, then e-mail ([email protected]) Send it to the LPI China office and the exam assistance specialist will contact you within 1-2 business days to confirm your information.

Step 3: Pay the LPI exam fee

After the information is confirmed, you can pay the test fee in the form of bank transfer, and fax the remittance slip to the official. The official will send you the LPI admission ticket (Voucher) within 24 hours of receiving the fax. Candidates can also register directly at the LPI authorized training center Prometric or Pearson VUE authorized examination room, pay the examination fee on site, and accept the computer test.

Step 4: Take the exam

Candidates should select the corresponding test level (LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-3) and Chinese and English test questions when making an appointment, and then within the validity period (based on the time limit on the LPI admission ticket you received) With the LPI admission ticket (Voucher) and ID card, you can make an appointment with Prometric or Pearson VUE to complete the exam. The examination time is 120 minutes/section; the paper is 90 minutes/section.

Step 5: Receive the certificate

The results of the computer test will be released immediately after the test. If you pass the test, the certificate will be sent to China from the Canadian headquarters within 12 working days. The LPI China Certification Branch will send you the certificate at the first time.

Candidates who pass the 101 and 102 can obtain the LPIC-1 certificate, only those who have obtained the LPIC-1 certificate and pass the 201 and 202 exams can obtain the LPIC-2 certificate; only the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certificates are obtained. LPIC-3 certificates are only available to professionals who pass the 301 and 302 exams.

Finally, I wish you all the best to pass the LPI certification exam!

Introduction to LPI 201-450 Certification Exam

1. What is LPIC?

LPIC, the full name of Linux Professional Institute Certification, is a worldwide Linux professional certification issued by LPI. This certification follows the World Linux Standards Foundation (LSB) and is a neutral and most authoritative Linux professional certification.

LPIC is a certification program for individuals using Linux technology. This project can meet the knowledge needs of Linux professionals. LPI certification has been on the list since the top 10 most popular IT certifications in the world in 2006, and it is now more popular around the world. The LPI certification exams have different levels of exams for the Linux skills required for different jobs. These are based on surveys of a large number of experienced Linux professionals; the development of the exams is widely attended by industry professionals, and the types and layout of exam questions are applied. Cognitive psychology has designed a scientific pass line; the test paper review is concentrated at the Canadian headquarters.

LPI mission is to develop this certification program in the Linux community to meet the needs of Linux enthusiasts and employers for business development, thereby promoting the adoption of Linux in all areas of the world. LPI has been implementing a rigorous, open, and enhanced management certification process that makes LPI a proven and widely recognized Linux certification system. LPI’s industry standard certifications have been implemented all over the world and are implemented globally. The certification is supported in multiple languages ??around the world. The certificates obtained represent world-class Linux skills and become the reference tool for the recruitment of senior employees of world-renowned IT companies.

In today’s world, the neutral Linux certification pioneered by LPI has become the industry consensus. LPI is only involved in setting up certification exam standards. It is independent of many Linux product vendors, training providers, and courseware issuers. The LPI certification exam is not a tool to market a software product. At present, LPI certification has received the widest support from the perspective of the Linux community and industry professionals. The reason for this is that the LPI certification design uses the same development method as the Linux operating system and open source software. And many people in the community have provided support and assistance for LPI certification. This networked certification provides a convenient way for certification for Linux technicians worldwide.

2. What is the organization of LPI?

LPI (Linux Professional Institute) is a non-profit organization based in the international Linux community that serves the community and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. LPI hopes to bring together companies and professionals willing to invest in and realize the Linux business into a positive and conscientious community to promote the global level of Linux technology. LPI is constantly looking to improve Linux technology, enabling Linux to be widely used by providing services and setting standards. The LPI organization has become a world-renowned internationally recognized organization that promotes and assists in the professional application of Linux, free software and open source code, and has established extensive alliances around the world.

3. What is the significance of LPI certification?

The significance of LPI certification is to meet the needs of the whole society for qualified Linux technical talents, reduce the cost and risk of Linux talent recruitment; promote a large number of Linux enthusiasts to become Linux application promoters; give a level of qualified Linux technical talents to the whole society The acceptance of the acceptance is also issued to the authoritative “LPI certification”, which is conducive to the sustainable development and wide application of global Linux technology.

4, LPI certification exam related introduction

LPI certification is a certification of Linux application skills. It is not a product certification provided by a Linux publisher. Instead, it is based on a neutral, third-party perspective. It assesses the broad and versatile technical level of Linux. Based on the Linux Standard Basis (LSB). The organization that sets the standard for certification of this exam is the LPI International Accreditation Association. Their members are volunteers from all over the world, and the funds required for this association are sponsored by companies all over the world.

The main work of the LPI International Certification Association is to develop Linux test standards, design exam questions and update exam questions. The role of LPI chapters is to promote LPI certification and open source software development in various places, serving Linux professionals around the world.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, LPI also has LPI exam certification branches in China, Japan, Germany and other places. LPI is currently available in multiple languages ??worldwide. The LPI International Certification Association does not provide training and exams. The training is provided by experienced training institutions from around the world or through self-study candidates. The exams are given to VUE (http://www.vue.com) and PROMETRIC two test centers (http ://www.prometric.com) is responsible. VUE and PROMETRIC test centers are located all over the world, and anyone can take the LPI exam flexibly, so it is very convenient to take the LPI certification exam. Candidates can find the test center in their city through the VUE and PROMETRIC websites.

Because the configuration and habits of various Linux versions are very different, the LPI exam must accommodate the features of various versions, which will inevitably add some difficulties to the candidates. For example, the test rpm and dpkg require candidates to use Redhat and Debian versions. Very skilled. Participating in LPI certification will help you understand LSB, so LPIC is an all-day certification for the Linux workplace.

Overview of LPI Basics and Division of LPIC Certificates

1. on the LPI certification, we need to know some basic knowledge

1) LPI’s industry standard certifications have been spread all over the world and implemented globally. LPI certification supports multiple languages ​​globally. As for the relevant certificates of LPI certification, they represent world-class Linux skills and are recognized globally;

2) LPI has always performed rigorous, open, and strengthened management certification processes, which makes LPI a validated and widely recognized Linux certification system;

3) LPI is recognized by various countries and can prove that individuals use Linux technology certification programs. This project can meet the knowledge needs of Linux professionals and is an important reference for employers to hire talent.

4) The LPI organization has become an internationally recognized organization that advocates and assists Linux, free software, and open source code professional applications. It has established a wide range of cooperative alliances worldwide.

5) In the annual list of the world’s most popular top ten certifications, LPI has made many names on the list.

6) LPI certificate is very popular in the recruitment of enterprises in countries around the world where Linux technology is widely used.

2. LPIC certification level classification

1), LPIC-1

LPIC-1 is equivalent to the junior and intermediate level of LPI certification. LPIC-1 certified personnel will be able to use the Linux command line to complete simple maintenance tasks, help users solve problems, add users to larger systems, back up, restore, shut down and reboot the system, install and configure workstations (including X Workstation) and join it to the LAN;

2), LPIC-2

LPIC-2 is equivalent to high level. LPIC-2 certified people will be able to manage a small and medium-sized site planning, implementation, maintenance, security, and maintain a small integrated network (MS, Linux), including: LAN Server (Samba), Internet Gateway (Firewall, Agents) Servers, emails, news), Internet servers (web servers, FTP servers);

3) LPIC-3

LPIC-3 is equivalent to the system architecture level. LPIC-3 certified people will be able to use open source tools for planning, troubleshooting, etc., and be able to use LDAP to integrate Unix servers with Windows servers such as Samba, PAM, email, directory services, etc. Design, build, and plan to implement an environment and security that uses Samba and LDAP as services. Manage large enterprise networks. Provides sharing of network file systems and print services in large enterprises, use of Samba servers to provide related resources, operations in mixed environments, troubleshooting, and integration with core network services.

3. apply for LPI certification of the basic conditions

Qualifications: None. As long as you are willing to study, to study, you can apply for LPI certification;

Education: Applying for MCSD does not limit the candidate’s diploma, and anyone can apply for it;

Capability: Basic computer application capabilities. Microsoft recommends that candidates have the best knowledge of application functionality. This will greatly aid the learning of their own certifications.

How can I pass the LPI certification exam?

Careful study plus use of correct learning methods.

First of all, the most fundamental is their own learning attitude. If you do not want to learn, then no matter how good the method is, it is in vain. Only if you are really willing to learn with your heart can you ensure that you are able to pass the relevant LPI certification.

The learning attitude is clear. What are the learning methods?

1) Learn the LPI certification exam related written materials together with the training video;

2) Apply for training classes, and make records while studying. Problems should be solved in a timely manner. At the same time, students should exchange problems in learning and share learning experiences.

3) Test transfer, this is the most critical! What kind of test dumps do we need? Question bank should be as complete as possible; time must be up-to-date; personnel who research and launch test dumps must have a certain status in the IT industry, so as to ensure authority; more users, and to ensure a high pass rate; use It is better for them to evaluate it comprehensively.

At the same time, the exam dump that satisfies the above conditions is currently only one: ITtestshare LPI free online test questions. Everyone can pay attention.

5. What can we get through the LPI certification exam?

Directions: Developing desktop applications, multi-user, web-based applications;

Position: Software Engineer, Software Application Engineer, Software Developer, Technical Consultant;

Capabilities: Use Microsoft products to provide businesses with successful design, implementation and management of business solutions;

Treatment: According to the certificate level and the individual’s technical ability to comprehensively determine the certificate and ability to reach a certain level, the treatment is very generous.

In the end, I wish every student who is attentive to study will be able to pass LPI’s relevant certification exams with high scores with the help of the ITtestshare LPI free online test questions.