Overview of LPI Basics and Division of LPIC Certificates

1. on the LPI certification, we need to know some basic knowledge

1) LPI’s industry standard certifications have been spread all over the world and implemented globally. LPI certification supports multiple languages ​​globally. As for the relevant certificates of LPI certification, they represent world-class Linux skills and are recognized globally;

2) LPI has always performed rigorous, open, and strengthened management certification processes, which makes LPI a validated and widely recognized Linux certification system;

3) LPI is recognized by various countries and can prove that individuals use Linux technology certification programs. This project can meet the knowledge needs of Linux professionals and is an important reference for employers to hire talent.

4) The LPI organization has become an internationally recognized organization that advocates and assists Linux, free software, and open source code professional applications. It has established a wide range of cooperative alliances worldwide.

5) In the annual list of the world’s most popular top ten certifications, LPI has made many names on the list.

6) LPI certificate is very popular in the recruitment of enterprises in countries around the world where Linux technology is widely used.

2. LPIC certification level classification

1), LPIC-1

LPIC-1 is equivalent to the junior and intermediate level of LPI certification. LPIC-1 certified personnel will be able to use the Linux command line to complete simple maintenance tasks, help users solve problems, add users to larger systems, back up, restore, shut down and reboot the system, install and configure workstations (including X Workstation) and join it to the LAN;

2), LPIC-2

LPIC-2 is equivalent to high level. LPIC-2 certified people will be able to manage a small and medium-sized site planning, implementation, maintenance, security, and maintain a small integrated network (MS, Linux), including: LAN Server (Samba), Internet Gateway (Firewall, Agents) Servers, emails, news), Internet servers (web servers, FTP servers);

3) LPIC-3

LPIC-3 is equivalent to the system architecture level. LPIC-3 certified people will be able to use open source tools for planning, troubleshooting, etc., and be able to use LDAP to integrate Unix servers with Windows servers such as Samba, PAM, email, directory services, etc. Design, build, and plan to implement an environment and security that uses Samba and LDAP as services. Manage large enterprise networks. Provides sharing of network file systems and print services in large enterprises, use of Samba servers to provide related resources, operations in mixed environments, troubleshooting, and integration with core network services.

3. apply for LPI certification of the basic conditions

Qualifications: None. As long as you are willing to study, to study, you can apply for LPI certification;

Education: Applying for MCSD does not limit the candidate’s diploma, and anyone can apply for it;

Capability: Basic computer application capabilities. Microsoft recommends that candidates have the best knowledge of application functionality. This will greatly aid the learning of their own certifications.

How can I pass the LPI certification exam?

Careful study plus use of correct learning methods.

First of all, the most fundamental is their own learning attitude. If you do not want to learn, then no matter how good the method is, it is in vain. Only if you are really willing to learn with your heart can you ensure that you are able to pass the relevant LPI certification.

The learning attitude is clear. What are the learning methods?

1) Learn the LPI certification exam related written materials together with the training video;

2) Apply for training classes, and make records while studying. Problems should be solved in a timely manner. At the same time, students should exchange problems in learning and share learning experiences.

3) Test transfer, this is the most critical! What kind of test dumps do we need? Question bank should be as complete as possible; time must be up-to-date; personnel who research and launch test dumps must have a certain status in the IT industry, so as to ensure authority; more users, and to ensure a high pass rate; use It is better for them to evaluate it comprehensively.

At the same time, the exam dump that satisfies the above conditions is currently only one: ITtestshare LPI free online test questions. Everyone can pay attention.

5. What can we get through the LPI certification exam?

Directions: Developing desktop applications, multi-user, web-based applications;

Position: Software Engineer, Software Application Engineer, Software Developer, Technical Consultant;

Capabilities: Use Microsoft products to provide businesses with successful design, implementation and management of business solutions;

Treatment: According to the certificate level and the individual’s technical ability to comprehensively determine the certificate and ability to reach a certain level, the treatment is very generous.

In the end, I wish every student who is attentive to study will be able to pass LPI’s relevant certification exams with high scores with the help of the ITtestshare LPI free online test questions.