What is the difference between OCA, OCP and OCM?

OCA, OCP and OCM are Oracle’s three authoritative certifications, which we all know. However, for most beginners who have just attended Oracle training, they must ask them what is the difference between the three certifications of OCA, OCP and OCM. It is estimated that everyone has to be silly and indistinct. In order to let everyone have a clearer understanding of these three certifications, in order to better choose their own matching certification exam. This paper distinguishes the difference between Oracle’s three major certifications in three aspects: the authentication method, the gold content and the employment prospects.

First: The authentication methods of the three are different

OCA only needs to pass two exams, and the specific exam content is relatively simple. Therefore, the time needed to participate in Oracle training is relatively short, and the pass rate is generally higher for exams. Even many people can pass the OCA certification exam through self-study;

OCP certification exam needs to take part in at least one original training or WDP, and a total of three exams must be passed, which is more difficult than OCA. It is very difficult for general trainees to test OCP by self-study. Generally, only taking part in professional Oracle training can ensure that they can avoid detours and increase the chance of certification.

OCM certification requires at least two original Advanced Courses or WDP training courses and a two-day exam. Extensive examinations and many knowledge points require candidates to pay attention to accumulating and summarizing.

Second: The three have different gold content

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification is the most basic of the three certifications, and it also has the lowest gold content. It is the first step for database professionals to embark on Oracle database certification. Objectively speaking, the gold content of OCA certification is not high.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification is an industry accreditation of database professionals who have mastered Oracle’s specific technologies. It is a “stepping stone” to enter the threshold of large enterprises by demonstrating that the key stakeholders can establish and manage key Oracle database functions in the most efficient manner. It can be said that the gold content of OCP certification is still relatively high.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM) certification is the highest official certification from Oracle and is the highest level of recognition for Oracle database practitioners’ experience in technology, knowledge, and operational skills. Oracle OCM is the best Oracle expert candidate to solve the most difficult technical problems and the most complex system failures.
The OCM certification exam is a highly experienced, expert-level Oracle skills exam that will become a senior expert and consultant in the company. OCM not only has the ability to handle critical business database systems and applications, but also helps customers solve all of Oracle’s technical difficulties. To say that the gold content of OCM is naturally very high!

Third: The employment prospects of the three are different

OCA certification is in fact quite plain, and its usefulness is not great. If you can work in DBA related industries, it will be a good job.

Employees who possess OCP certifications are in a very good form of employment. And taking the OCP certificate will also bring more opportunities for your employment, promotion, salary increase, etc.

OCM certification is equivalent to a job that is both decent and relaxed, both fun and high-paying. Therefore, OCM has become a long-term goal for many DBA.

At the moment, many people have said that now Oracle certification certificate is bad, the gold content is far worse than before, but also what certificate? It is useless to get a certificate! Do not say Oracle certification, any other certification will have this statement. Indeed, any authentication certificate will have a bad day, this is a social phenomenon, but also an objective fact, it is impossible to shift the individual’s will.

Looking at this issue from another perspective, when this certificate is fast and bad, there must be a large number of people in the community who can come up with this certificate. This time, even if you have the best technology, if you don’t have a certificate, you won’t even have a stage to play. So, if you really want to do this, under the premise of mastering real knowledge, it is necessary to test a certificate. The grade of the certificate is your starting line in the future.

Furthermore, the true core value of Oracle certification is not the paper certificate, but the technical capabilities that individuals really have. Even if they are all those who have obtained the OCM certification, there will be a big gap between their technical level. In the final analysis, the certificate only leads you into the door. Ultimately, the so-called gold content, prospects, and future will depend on your true talents. Your value is high. The value of your OCM certificate is high, you are not really real and your OCM certificate is worthless. If you want to test Oracle tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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