The specific process of OCP certification exam

Students who want to test the OCP certification must know the specific OCP certification examination process before the test. The following section details the OCP examination process and OCP certification related knowledge points, we can understand.

How to register online with OCP? What is the specific registration process?

There are two ways to register for the OCP certification exam: online registration and through the Oracle WDP authorized agency. This article mainly introduces the online registration process.

1, Fill in personal information

Including Chinese name, First name, Last Name, personal identification number, email, detailed mailing address, local zip code, contact telephone number, etc.;

2, keep in mind the user name and password

It should be noted here that the creation of an account does not immediately display an application. The site will notify you by email the next day that the account has been created successfully, and the login password will be indicated in the email. After receiving the email, the candidate can log on to the website and change the password. It should be noted that: After the password is modified, please do not perform other operations; keep in mind the user name and password, as this is the only document to check the OCP test score and certificate; the account creation process may receive empty mail, or within 1 day receive e-mail, this time please contact Pearson Vue: 400 880 5123 (weekdays as early as 9-17 points).

3, understand the exam information

Without the OCA, directly testing the OCP requires the examination of 051, 052, and 053; if you already have OCA certification, you can take a test of 053. Note: If you do not have training, it is not difficult to obtain an OCA certificate, but if you want to get an OCP certificate, it is recommended that you go to OU (Oracle University) to study it. If you take the WDP path, both the 051 and 053 courses also have training courses.

If you have studied OAC after self-study, but do not want to go to the OU to attend training, this time you go to choose the cheap WDP way to get the OCP certificate, then the OCA that you have taken before will not be counted, you must re-examination.

Nowadays, all 11G certifications are commonly used, so 11g is taken as an example.

The OCP exam requires three exams:

The first major inspection SQL statement -051: Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

051 examination sites in the test center of the examination room, using a multiple-choice examination, a total of 70 questions, 120 minutes to complete, through the correct rate is 60%

The second mainly on the Oracle Management –052: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

052 test sites in the test center of the test center, test time 90 minutes, a total of 70 questions, the correct rate of 66% even if the clearance.

The third Oracle11g mainly on further management operations –053: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II

The 053 test site is located at the examination site, the test time is 120 minutes, and the test title is 78 questions. The correct rate is 66% even if it passes the test.

4, take the exam

Please bring your ID card on the exam day and remember your username and password. During the examination process, you must strictly abide by the requirements of the invigilator. The Oracle invigilator will tell you which subject to take first, and then start to answer the questions. In the course of answering questions, if you do not meet the questions, you can make a mark and do it later.

After each subject exam is completed, the invigilator will tell you when to submit the questionnaire, and do not submit it without permission.

It should be noted that during the entire examination process, the requirements of the invigilator must be strictly followed, otherwise the consequences will be borne by themselves.

5, query results

After the test is completed, the results can be checked in three days. Under the guidance of the Oracle Invigilator, go to the exam submission landing page, fill out the user name and password used in the exam (if you forgot your username or password, you can retrieve it via registered email, The premise is to correctly answer the prompt question when changing the password). After landing, a page will pop up to show the specific test subjects, time, whether or not to pass.

6, the sixth step: apply for a certificate

After the results are checked and confirmed, the certificate application process can be performed. Log in to the test center page again and fill in the relevant information according to the teacher’s request. Submit it after confirmation. After submitting, a verification period of 7-10 working days is required; after the verification is passed, the certificate will be sent to the sending process, and the processing + mailing period is 7-8 weeks. If the submitted information is incorrect, Oracle Certification Program will send you an email and confirm the relevant information again. Do not submit it again! If there is no email notification, it means during normal processing. Don’t worry. The point to note here is: Do not use 163 mailboxes.

Many candidates will ask: How long is the OCP certificate valid?

The answer is: This expires until your corresponding database version is delisted.

Knowing the specific examination process, the next step is to study hard, really grasp the relevant knowledge, and strive to pass the verification as soon as possible! If you want to test Oracle tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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