How to learn CompTIA Security+ ?

As IT security is valued by more and more companies and even the country, CompTIA Security+ has become the choice of more and more people in career positioning. So, How to learn CompTIA Security+ has become a concern for many people.

1. Since we have chosen learn CompTIA Security+, then our first step is to understand what CompTIA is. What is CompTIA Security+?

CompTIA is a non-profit IT industry group established in 1982 in Chicago, USA, as required by the IT industry. It has acquired “CompTIA certification” worldwide to assess the practical capabilities and application capabilities of IT, security, cloud and other IT business areas worldwide.
CompTIA certification is the industry’s leading certificate to start and grow your IT career. Whether you rely on CompTIA certification to get your first IT job, or if you are ready to advance your IT career with advanced certifications such as IT security, CompTIA can help. This is how it works.
The official interpretation of CompTIA Security+ is: CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that verifies the basic skills you need to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career.
CompTIA Security Plus certification is a great place to start, it builds a good foundation and you can use it in almost every aspect of information technology. Many employers agree that Security Plus certification is a good prerequisite for many open positions.

2. About Security Plus, we need to know the basics:

The Security Plus exam covers a wide range of topics related to information technology and security. So if your future career is IT, then Security Plus is definitely a good start to your career. In the process of learn Security Plus, you can expand your knowledge of information security. Moreover, CompTIA is a worldwide accredited organization that does not have to worry about the reliability and market prospects of CompTIA Security Plus certification.

3. Understand Security+ SY0-501 Study Guide:

1), Module 1 :Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
2), Module 2: Identity and Access Management
3), Module 3: Architecture and Design (1)
4), Module 4: Architecture and Design (2)
5), Module 5: Risk Management
Security+ SY0-501 Study Guide is the most basic and most important learning resource for every candidate learn Security+. Because only the Security+ SY0-501 Study Guide will tell you the learning focus that should be followed by learn Security+. You can sort out a learning plan for learn Security+ according to the exam guide, and then allocate your own time and effort to learn Security+ according to the study plan.

4, the steps and methods of learn Security+:

1), roughly read and record related issues
After reading the first chapter of Security+ book, record all the issues involved in this chapter and then solve them one by one. After all these problems have been solved, the second chapter will be studied. Every time you solve a chapter, you should go back and review the issues involved in the previous chapter. This type of learning is called the “carpet bombing” learning method.
What needs to be noted here is that there are many Security+ books on the market. The difficulty and depth of different Security+ books are different. We must make choices based on our own specific conditions. A good foundation will think that the difficult and deeper Security+ book is good, but if you have a bad foundation and choose the same Security+ book, then your Learn Security+ will be very difficult.

2), List all the problems that you have not solved in one time, as the focus of the later review.
Some of the Security+ related issues were not resolved smoothly during the first contact. Although in the end we may have solved this problem successfully by some means, this does not guarantee that we will solve this problem in the future or solve this kind of problem. This kind of problem requires us to invest more time and energy. Practice and master repeatedly.

3), carry out a large number of network simulation tests
Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Only through a lot of practice can you truly master the knowledge and skills related to CompTIA Security+.

4), ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions

No one can be 100% sure that he can complete something unknown. The same is true for the sy0-501 exam.
Some people may say that I have mastered all the knowledge points and related skills of Security+, and I will definitely pass the sy0-501 exam. Mastering the knowledge and related skills, can really improve the pass rate of sy0-501 exam, but it is definitely less than 100%! Why do you say that?
As far as the sy0-501 exam is concerned, every time someone who fails to pass the sy0-501 exam will have a lot of knowledge and skills in Security+, but they are not able to pass sy0-501 exam?
Some people are because of emotional reasons. Once these people enter the examination room of sy0-501 exam, they will immediately have nervous emotions which will eventually lead to the failure of their sy0-501 exam.
Some people are careless. In the process of sy0-501 exam, we will encounter many familiar questions. But if you look at these questions carefully, you will find that these seem to be the same topic, but there are actually small changes in the specific requirements. If you don’t look at the problem carefully, this part of the person often chooses the answer in memory without thinking through the brain. The number of such questions is small, and once the number of questions is increased, this part of the people will have a great chance of failing to pass the sy0-501 exam.
If you have ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions, it’s totally different. Because you know the questions in advance, on the one hand, after entering the examination room of sy0-501 exam, the nervous emotions will be relieved to the greatest extent, and the test only needs to be played normally. On the other hand, with ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions, even if the exam questions change more, we can know in advance that it is impossible to confuse us.
Need to pay attention, we need to have the correct attitude when facing ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions are only the most effective guarantee for us through sy0-501 exam, and can not guarantee other. Therefore, try not to participate in the sy0-501 exam with ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions in case of insufficient preparation. If you don’t really learn, maybe you can pass the sy0-501 exam, but if so, you will be very hard at work in the future.

5. Validity of CompTIA SY0-501 Security Plus certification

The CompTIA SY0-501 Security Plus certification is valid for three years, which means that we must be awarded the CEU within three years of being certified, otherwise the certification will expire.

Even if you don’t have any problems with CompTIA Security Plus, you can’t expire your CompTIA SY0-501 Security Plus certificate.

Because if you need to face a new business. Then, CompTIA SY0-501 Security Plus certification is the only foundation that demonstrates your network security and risk management needs, as well as vendor-neutral knowledge and skills. If there is no certificate, it is useless to say more.

Finally, I hope that everyone can successfully start their IT career through the CompTIA SY0-501 Security Plus certification with the help of ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions. If you want to test Comptia tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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About CompTIA Security + frequently asked questions

As we all know, almost all current Internet-based applications, such as websites, various types of networked programs, etc., have large and small security holes. The user’s information security is facing serious damage, and even many high-value information including the user’s credit card information, etc., also has great hidden dangers. In such a social environment, IT security is an indispensable requirement for any large number of users, which greatly promotes the development of CompTIA Security+. Below, let’s take a look at some common issues with CompTIA Security +. By answering these frequently asked questions, we may understand why more and more people are choosing CompTIA Security + now?

1. First, we need to know, what is CompTIA Security +?

CompTIA Security + is a global certification that verifies the basic skills you need to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career.

CompTIA Security + is the security certification that every IT professional wants. It establishes the core knowledge required for any network security class role and provides a springboard for mid-level network security efforts. Security + combines best practices in practice to troubleshoot to ensure that security professionals have the practical ability to solve security problems. The most basic thing for a network security professional with Security + is to know how to resolve various security incidents and have the right hands-on capabilities, not just at the level that identifies security incidents.

2. What are the features of CompTIA Security +?

1) There are no performance-based questions in other certification exams that assess baseline cybersecurity skills. CompTIA Security + emphasizes practical skills to ensure that security professionals are better prepared to solve a wider range of problems.

2) Security + focuses on the latest trends and technologies in risk management, risk mitigation, threat management and intrusion detection.

3) More choose Security+ for DoD 8570 compliance than any other certification.

4) In addition to the previous system administrators, network administrators and security administrators, the new Security + SY0-501 certification also covers the primary IT auditors, penetration testers and other job roles.

3. How about the CompTIA Security + certification?

1) Security + is inherently qualified because Security + is ISO certified and approved by the US Department of Defense.

CompTIA has submitted the Security + exam (SY0-501 exam), which has been audited by ISO to the ISO 17024 standard, which has approved the SY0-501 exam process. In addition, the US Department of Defense has approved the exam to meet its 8570.01-M skill requirements. Finally, Security + SY0-501 complies with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and government regulations.

2) Security + is developed by the industry

Security + (like all other CompTIA certification exams) is developed and maintained by industry-leading IT professionals. The exam objectives and skills tested in the exam are derived from industry-wide surveys and contributions from the CompTIA subject matter team.

3) Security + good employment prospects

At present, the talent market is increasingly demanding talents in the direction of IT security, and there is a large talent gap in the IT security field. Those who have successfully obtained security plus certification will have more job options and more development opportunities.

4) Security + has high income potential

According to CompTIA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), security professionals, including security experts, managers and managers, are paying much more per year than most industries. Security + is a worthwhile and in-depth development.

4. What capabilities will we have through the study of CompTIA Security +?

1) threats, attacks and vulnerabilities

Detect various types of compromises and understand penetration testing and vulnerability scanning concepts

2) identity and access management

Install and configure identity and access services and management controls

3) technology and tools

Install, configure, and deploy network components while assessing and resolving issues to support organizational security

4) risk management

Implement and summarize risk management best practices and business impacts

5) architecture design

Implement secure network architecture concepts and system design

6) password and PKI

Install and configure wireless security settings and implement a public key infrastructure

To put it simply: we will be able to determine the attack network and host policies and deployment defenses developed by the network attacker, understand the principles of organizational security and the elements of an effective security policy, and install and configure network and host-based security. Technology, understanding the technologies and uses of password standards and products, describing standards and products used to enhance the security of Web and communications technologies, and how to perform wireless and remote access security, can identify strategies to ensure business continuity, fault tolerance and disaster recovery, Ability to summarize application and coding vulnerabilities and identify development and deployment methods designed to mitigate vulnerabilities.

If you are sure that you have the above capabilities, then the next step is to take the SY0-501 exam. You can only get the Security + SY0-501 certification if you successfully pass the SY0-501 exam. You are qualified to become a qualified IT security expert only if you have obtained a certificate.

5. about SY0-501 exam

1) What experience should the personnel who participate in the SY0-501 exam have?

CompTIA Network + and two years of security-focused IT management experience.

2) ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions.

As the industry’s most authoritative, best-selling, and highest-through CompTIA SY0-501 Dumps, ITtestshare CompTIA SY0-501 free online test questions has been widely accepted by many candidates.

3) What will we prove after successfully passing the CompTIA Security + SY0-501?

Passing the CompTIA Security + SY0-501 will prove that we have the knowledge and skills to install and configure the system to protect applications, networks and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; participate in risk mitigation Activities and operate under the applicable policies, laws and regulations. Successful candidates will perform these tasks to support the principles of confidentiality, integrity and usability.

It is important to note that the CompTIA Security + SY0-501 exams are constantly updated to better reflect today’s risk management and risk mitigation best practices. These include: more emphasis on identifying and addressing the practical and hands-on capabilities of security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.

The skills covered by Security + have become the benchmark for all network security efforts. The constant updating of the version also reflects that the network security work is becoming more and more specialized. At the moment, the importance and demand for Security + for a wider range of job roles is increasing.

6. After we obtained the Security + SY0-501 certification, what qualifications do we have?

1) network administrator

This type of work requires the practitioner to be large and comprehensive, but does not require you to be proficient in all knowledge. Although the treatment is not too rich, it is definitely a good choice to accumulate experience.

2) system administrator

It is similar to the work of a network administrator.

3) security administrator

Generally speaking, in order to engage in such positions, you must have a certain depth and breadth of Security + related knowledge and hands-on ability. Relatively speaking, there will be obvious improvement in all aspects of treatment.

4) junior IT auditor / penetration tester

Generally speaking, such jobs require practitioners to have comprehensive computer hardware and software knowledge, unique sensitivity to network and system security, and a deep understanding of financial accounting and internal control of the unit.

5) security experts

The future of this position is very good, and the salary is very strong. Generally speaking, not only do you have higher requirements for the individual’s comprehensive ability, but also have higher requirements for personal work experience.

Therefore, after we have just obtained the Security + SY0-501 certification, we must not be too high-spirited, we must be down-to-earth, temper our skills in the basic positions, and accumulate relevant work experience. Whenever our ability reaches the appropriate level, we will have the opportunity to advance.

6) security engineer

7) security consultants, etc.

Therefore, after we have obtained the Security + SY0-501 certification, there will be many job opportunities. As long as we temper our skills, the future will be limitless.

CompTIA Security + is an incredibly dynamic area that creates new opportunities and challenges every day. Only by mastering the latest technology and evolving new technologies can you become a popular IT and security expert.   If you want to test Comptia tests by yourself, please follow the list:

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